5 talking points from week one:

The Super Sub
Even though we knew the Wasteland Devils would be a strong team, they were further bolstered by xLLOYDYxx as their sub, after The Doc was ruled out of the side for personal reasons. xLLOYDYxx racked up 7 goals in his two matches and no doubt we will see more of him in the future.


2v2 A No Go Zone
Unfortunately an update to Rocket League caught a number of players off guard, with True Zola unable to make it for any matches alongside his Beckwith Angels teammates. No other subs were available so they pushed ahead with 2v2 matches. It didn’t have the same ‘team feel’ to the game play that 3v3 offers, with scoring much higher, and as a result, also boosting some players performances and values.


Tale of Two Halves
The Midnight Raiders were looking to bring the fight to the Devils as the ultimate underdogs, but the match was pretty much decided in the first two minutes. After just 1min 20sec, the Devils had 3 goals on the board. Not long after that, another two goals and it was looking like they might score 15 plus before full time. By the halfway mark it was 6-0, but to the Raiders credit they fought back with the second half score line reading 2-1 in the Devils favour for an overall score of 8-1.


Momentum is Real
After the Angels suffered two defeats in a row, one would be forgiven for thinking it would only get worse when they faced the Titans. Although the end result reflected this, the match played out different. It was the Angels that took an early lead with four of the first five goals scored, riding on confidence, an upset might be just minutes away. But the Titans regrouped and as the grew in strength, the Angels lost momentum and the match was taken away from them.


The dark horse
Although the Sharks competition wasn’t the strongest on offer, they were never really troubled. Their biggest test will be next week when they take on the Devils and Titans. If they can pinch a win or at least take it right up to both teams, they will be in a good position heading towards the back end of the season.

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