Driver Profile: MRN3Drifter

With the next round of the V8 Supercars commencing tomorrow evening, we take a moment to chat with long term driver MRN3Drifter.

So while you are a seasoned campaigner across RGL and now CANZ you are still young with plenty of time to achieve some milestones, what is your goals and hopes for the rest of the 2016 season?
My goals and hopes for the season would be to finish each race however I would love to be in the top three in one the series this year

Your pace has notably picked up since switching to the current generation of racing titles, can you pinpoint what has been the reason for such a dramatic change in speed?
You can say that switching to the Xbox one has dramatically increased my race pace but what caused it to change was to basically shut up the people who had doubted me before.

Has additional practice been the key to achieving great results so far?
Kinda? it varies from each game.

Which of the two main series are you enjoying more across Project Cars and Forza?
Forza definitely Forza.

Are you glad to be in the E63 AMG Mercedes for the V8 Supercars?
To be honest I’m really glad to be in the Mercedes Benz AMG V8 as it was the car I felt really comfortable in, even with adjustments the team makes for each race

Who do you feel is your greatest rival in both main series this year?
The rivals that I feel like that are going to give me the most challenge, would be CrashCaderz and the Rolling Rods Motorsport duo of both Chaos 7h30ry and UnusedDragon, because not only are they challenging, but they can also bring out the best within me as both a driver and a competitor

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