A look at week two:

Week two of the TSG Rocket League pre-season saw the Titans missing so only half the matches were played. But we have learned quite a lot from them.

Chaos has come to the fore now that super sub xxLLOYDYxx has been replaced by newcomer The Doc. His value has risen quickly and now sits at the top of the goal scoring leaderboard. Hypershadow19 compliments Chaos nicely, making the Devils attack a devastating weapon.

The Sharks may rue what could have been, being defeated 8-4 by the Devils in the first match, the score line isn’t a true reflection of their potential. The Sharks defence is very good, but only if they can maintain their structure, which is difficult when facing the Devils onslaught, but in the end it was their attack that let them down more so, not being able to convert opportunities and put the pressure back on their opposition. If they can get this part of the game right, watch out.

The Raiders need some work. Both offence and defence are weak as their structure breaks down at both ends repeatedly. Although they were tied with the Sharks at two goals apiece late in the match, they were extremely lucky to be in that position as both goals were far from deliberate. Z00lu stuffed up the one decent attacking play after Scav3nger missed a clear ball, and from that point on, the Sharks controlled play winning 4-2.

The Angels sit bottom of the ladder and winless, though this week was the first time they played as a 3 man team, so given a few more matches, they may just grab a win or two before the season is out. They accounted for themselves well against top of the table Devils, managing to score two goals while keeping the Devils to seven. Deadx is proving to be a dangerous striker with his accuracy in front of goals. All he needs now is more opportunities.

With matches against the a Titans to come, it is clear that Raiders and Angels will be fighting each other to stay off the bottom of the ladder, while the Sharks work on their game plan to take it up to the Devils and Titans as the season finals edge closer.

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