Fight heats up at the freezing Bernese Alps

While the temperature was sub-zero at the Bernese Alps Stadtplatz circuit, the battle for the CANZ V8 Supercar title ignited! With a number of drivers missing, this also opened up the opportunities for the rest of the field to gain some valuable points. The round saw two different winners of which Caderz was neither.

The Aus-Gear driver was leading the championship title comfortably heading into the round and leaves in second place behind MRN3Drifter. Struggling for pace he would normally find, Caderz also suffered damage on the first lap in race one battling with Scav3nger.

But it was the master stroke of hyboi’s strategy that was all the difference, giving him his first win in the V8 series since joining. After an altercation on lap one with Drifter, hyboi fell back to the mid pack and was being held up as the other drivers fought for position. His team mate z00lu could see what was happening and wished he had pitted earlier as well, “when I saw hyboi pit , I knew he was hoping to undercut the pack by the time the rest of the field had pit. But when I noticed I was keeping pace with Scav3nger who was up ahead by several seconds, I thought hyboi was a good chance to jump him as well.” When asked about his own strategy z00lu said “ I was concerned I wouldn’t have the pace at the end of the race if I went too early. Turns out I would have been fine as I posted my fastest lap of the race on the last lap”. It was also the fastest lap of the race across all drivers, something the veteran is not noted for.

Once all pit stops were completed, hyboi had a comfortable buffer between him and second place Scav3nger, while The Doc and z00lu had an epic battle for the final spot on the podium. While the Moobie Madness drivers had pace, Second Degree Racing suffered with a poor setup, giving both drivers a trip to understeer city.

The reverse grid race saw an unlikely pair of Caderz and Drifter sitting on the front row, with woebegone and z00lu behind them. The two front placed drivers battled well for the first few laps before Caderz was unable to finish after being disconnected. Drifter showed his true pace from then on, never being troubled by the rest of the field.

z00lu and The Doc continued their epic battle from race one, once again duking it out for a spot on the podium. While z00lu had the superior pace, he failed to execute a proper pass as he struggled with the final turn, allowing The Doc a chance to regain his position heading into turn one. It was on the last lap that things changed suddenly, as an error by z00lu allowed hyboi to move ahead, which gave the latter, a shot at The Doc. Unfortunately there was contact between the two, and z00lu pounced, diving down the inside and never looking back as he went on to claim third.

The drivers will now take on a brand new track to the series at Rio De Janeiro, where the mix of wide and narrow sections of this street circuit are sure to add further drama to the series.

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