The TSG BYOT Rocket league Challenge

After completing a successful pre-season of Rocket League, with the Wasteland Devils taking the honours, The Screwed Gamers hosted a one night comp (TSG Bring Your Own Team – BYOT Challenge), featuring a round robin format, followed by knockout finals.

With five teams entered, we saw 5 rounds played with each team playing four matches. To ensure the night didn’t drag on too long, match length was set to the standard 5 minutes, unlike the 10min games played during the pre-season. Majority of the players in each team had competed in the pre-season cup, but we also saw some newcomers in TWTP, featuring NuclearNinja23, NuclearMajor69 and XDrinkTilDeathX.

The tournament was full of tight matches, thrashings and upsets, which makes the next one (whenever it is planned) all the more exciting.


On paper, the Ozstars, lead by Chaos 7h30ry and Hypershadow, looked to be the strongest line up, while Second Degree Sharks added The Doc to their line up instead of SlinnShady. z00lu captained the Marauders while the Midnight Raiders were led by Furiouswolf. TWTP was the unknown as far as strength went as a team. Up until this point most of the regular players had played with and against the boys from TWTP in social matches and the main thing that could be taken from that, was that they had good aerial skills and read the play well. Their skills individually, matched those of some of the best players from the pre-season comp so there wasn’t anything that stood out indicated the type of dominance they would have over the course of this competition.

Just like Voltron, when you put the three of them together it made them even stronger and proved to be unstoppable all the way to the Grand Final where the won 3-0 in the surprise match up against the Sharks!

Things to note:

  1. The Sharks and Marauders were the only teams to score against TWTP, with a goal each in their respective matches.
  2. The Sharks caused the biggest upset, beating the Ozstars which saw them go through to the Grand Final.
  3. The Marauders could only manage one win during the round robin stage against the Raiders, but let a chance slip against the Sharks losing the game 3-2.
  4. The Midnight Raiders also could only manage one win from the round robin stage, which was against the Sharks – the team that went on to play in the Grand Final.

As the plans for the first full season are being worked on, we may just see another TSG BYOT Challenge before it gets underway!

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