Bathurst is here. Caderz extends lead.

Bathurst is back baby. Round five saw the return to Mount Panorama for the first time since Forza 5 for the CANZ V8 Supercar Series and boy was it action packed with championship leader CrashCaderz extending his points lead and valuable points going towards the Aus-Gear Motorsport team who were missing Clasified Hunter this round. Also Missing from the endurance event was series regular Woebegone6 from Second Degree Racing, opening the door for Moobie Madness Motorsport to improve their lead in the teams title.

We saw a lot of new liveries for the enduro, Moobie Madness had a more unified team look, both Scav3nger and MRN3Drifter had new schemes on their mercs. It was a sea of fresh designs, but the racing would be as tough as ever.

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The action started with a one lap shoot out for the Bathurst round, the only time this season it would be held in this format, each driver got to prove their worth in this one lap dash. The order was set in reverse championship position. This saw the likes of Chaos 7h30ry and Unused Dragon out first, both setting competitive times. Next started seeing the usual suspects out setting times, The Doc, Zoolu, Scav3nger, hyboi. From there it was clear that Mercedes of Scav3nger and Drifter were going to be tough to beat, with the Nissan’s setting consistent times and Falcon’s looking as though they’ll be struggling at the rear. In the end the lap that was going to be the fastest would belong to the sole Commodore driver, Caderz. Blitzing the field in the race to pole.

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The race itself was going to be a test of endurance for many competitors, with a total of 28 laps and a minimum of two pit stops the total race time would look to take about an hour.

The first lap saw a lot of action with many trying to improve their shoot out position. Caderz had pressure on him from Scav3nger, while drifter tried to make some early positions after having invalidated his lap during the shoot out.

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After all the first lap action it would be fairly quiet for Caderz up the front, making two clean pit stops and no real challenges would see the Aus-Gear driver take an easy win.

Through the rest of the field there were battles everywhere. Scav3nger and Drifter would be stuck in a battle for second from about lap two till the final lap, seeing Scav3nger prevail over the young gun with the later managing to battle his way up to the podium throughout the race. Hyboi and The Doc, while not seeing each other during most of the race would encounter each other for the last 8 laps, trading lap times and a little bit of paint. The Doc would win this battle though after hyboi had an understeer moment across the top of the mountain and found the wall, resulting in an extra pit stop.

At the back of the pack it was a fight between Zoolu and Chaos on who could get lapped the most, Zoolu came out on top in that race. Unused Dragon had a relatively quite race to the rest of the field, while SedateBeast struggled with handling and was forced to make as many as five pit stops and retired five laps from the end of the race.

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Round six sees the CANZ community head to the famous Monza circuit. Look for some low aero and high top speeds.

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