Season I begins!

The first full season of the Screwed Gamers Soccar Championships gets underway tonight. Since the pre-season finished and the salary cap was introduced, teams have changed, players have moved and new faces arrive. The field has increased from 5 teams in the pre-season, to 7, which is a great sign of things to come, as the pursuit for a full 10 team roster continues.

The question on everyone’s lips is who are the strongest teams, and where will the end up on the ladder by seasons end. So we decided to get some inside knowledge from the players themselves, with some of their predictions of how the ladder will shape up after 14 rounds.

While it is not surprising to see Knights of Utopia coming in as favourites after them domination of the BYOT Challenge a month ago, some teams have moved up and down the ladder. Most notable is Midnight Raiders, who in the pre-season escaped the wooden spoon by a 1 goal differential. Now most are predicting a 3rd place finish after Drifter recruited strongly, bringing FuriousWolf and Brute x Magicz into the side. The Wasteland Devils are expected to finish runners up by the end of the season, but some wont be surprised if they finish as low as 3rd or 4th.

Second Degree Sharks have fell out of favour somewhat since making the Grand Final of the BYOT challenge, with many predicting a mid finish in 4th. Newcomers Marauders, made up of existing players and captained by z00lu are expected to battle it out with Utopia Magic for the wooden spoon, while The Spartans are truly an unknown, with two brand new players coming in.

As we know, it will take at least 2-3 rounds before we can get a true reading on teams, and even then we could get it wrong, as we have found some of the stronger teams can have their own bogey side.

Tonight we look forward to two rounds of action with the Knights and Magic each having a bye, the remaining five teams will play out two matches. The action kicks off from 9pm with the Marauders taking on the Knights, while The Spartans do battle with the Devils, and Midnight Raiders host the Sharks in the first round.

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One Thought to “Season I begins!”

  1. The L0rd Chaos

    The L0rd Chaos prediction
    Round 1
    Marauders v Knights 2-5
    Mvp nuclearninja

    The Spartans v The Devils 3-2
    Mvp Zola

    Raiders v Sharks 6-5
    Mvp Brute

    Round 2
    Sharks v Spartans 3-1
    Mvp Slinn

    Devils v Marauders 4-2
    Mvp Dragon

    Magic v Raiders 2-6
    Mvp furious

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