High Speeds at Monza Bring High Drama!

Round six saw the first ever CANZ V8 Supercar race at Monza. This would see some interesting strategies and some extreme setups.

Qualifying saw the usual suspects at the front with Caderz, Drifter and Scav3nger taking out the top three positions. The Rolling Rods Racing Nissans took out the next three spots, a good showing from the Rolling Rods crew who had previously admitted they would be unlikely to match the pace of the three front runners. All three drivers put in very similar competitive times. Zoolu, Woebe, Clasified Hunter and hyboi rounded out the rest of the grid. Hyboi suffered an internet disconnect on his first flying lap but was able to recover in time to start from the back of the grid.

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For a CANZ first there wasn’t one incident through the very first tight chicane despite expectations. Scav3nger made an excellent dive under brakes to make sure he would be the first car out of the chicane though. From there the Second Degree driver would control the front of the pack denying drifter of the top spot, but only just, securing the win by a mere 2 one hundreths of a second. Caderz would be left frustrated as he was disconnected early from the race but was able to rejoin for the reverse grid.

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Woebe would find himself towards the back wondering what was going so wrong for him the last few rounds after struggling through qualifying and having an off at turn three in the early stages of the race. A result Second Degree will no doubt be looking to rectify heading to Circuit of the Americas in two weeks time.

That wasn’t the end of the battles, however, in the final laps of the first race Hyboi found himself fast approaching a lapped Clasified Hunter with the two fierce competitors coming to blows on the back chicane, this was followed by some strong words after the race. A somewhat controversial 10 point penalty was applied to the AusGear driver despite no clear evidence being available.

The reverse grid would see Scav3nger and Drifter on the back row hoping to make some quick inroads on the drivers up front. But it was hyboi who would make an excellent by jumping from forth last to second on the first lap. Scav3nger dropped away after an impressive start while team mate Woebe’s misfortune would continue in the reverse grid race unfortuantely missing the start and dropping to the rear of the field before reaching turn one. The Nissan’s were again involved in a sprited inter-team battle but Caderz was able to hold on to top spot with hyboi right on his bumper for the duration of the race.

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Round seven of the CANZ V8 Supercar series to fly abroad to the Circuit of the Americas, we hope to see you there.

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