Knights Carve Up Sharks, Marauders Stun Devils

This week the teams took to the field for rounds 8 to 10 of Season I of the Soccar Championships. After the withdrawal of Utopia Magic, the teams would be playing without byes for the rest of the season. Knights of Utopia’s unchallengable performance continues to be a talking point as they stretch their advantage at the top of the table. The fight for best of the rest continues as the Wasteland Devils lead the Midnight Raiders on a 1 goal differential alone, while Second Degree Sharks will likely have to do it on wins, a further 13 goals behind on differential.

Round 8 saw the closest round of games yet. The Raiders managed to claw back a 3-0 deficit to finish with a highly respectable 4-3 loss against the Knights, the closest anyone has achieved so far against the powerhouse team. Sharks and Marauders finished 3-3 and had to rely on overtime to determine the winner; with Sharks eventually scoring the golden point. While the Devils managed to hold on for a 5-3 victory against the Spartans at home, the Spartan’s later admitting they were missing some attacking strength with True Zola not available.

Round 9 saw the numbers begin to spread. The Spartans hosted the Sharks but despite a spirited defensive effort went down 1-4 at DFH Stadium. The Devils hosted the Raiders who were too good for the home side taking a 5-1 victory after their impressive performance against the ladder leaders to spice up the fight for second place on the ladder. The Marauders travelled to Utopia and faught hard but the ladder leaders were too strong, taking an 8-1 victory over the now last placed team with Magic out of the tournament.

Round 10 started with the Spartans hosting the Raiders. The Spartans defensive efforts were once again on display but Furious played a blinder, scoring 5 goals from his 5 shots to lead the charge in delivering a 5-1 defeat to the Spartans. The Knights delivered a thrashing to the Sharks, their defensive form fell apart early in the game and the team suffered their worst defeat of the season with a 15-0 wholloping. The shock result of the week came from the Marauders, who hosted the Devils and managed to hold on for a 4-3 victory against one of the pre-season favourites.

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