Championship Heats Up In Abu Dhabi Night

The CANZ V8 Supercar Championship is going right down to the wire as CANZ made it’s first venture into the night on Forza Motorsport with a double header at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi.

Qualifying for Race One of the night saw the usual suspects at the front. CrashCaderz, championship leader heading into the round, set the early pace with championship rival MRN3Drifter echoing his championship position setting a time not far behind. The pace quickened and left a few drivers at the back of the field wondering where the pace was coming from. Past champion Alsimo returned to the track for the first time since leaving Second Degree Racing and formed Lonk Donk Racing with fellow returnee deadx89. The team sports a Champion Motorsport inspired livery, harking back to the RGL days.


After claiming pole position in the last minutes of qualifying Scav3nger lead the field into turn one. Caderz had a poor launch that put him under threat from both Drifter and Alsimo but was able to hold onto second place with Drifter falling in just behind the championship leader. A car he would have to pass to gain ground in his bid for a maiden championship.

Futher down the grid the action was as close as it was at the front, a battle pack between Woebegone6, The Doc, Alsimo, and z00lu formed in the early laps after Alsimo had a moment coming onto the back straight. Chaos 7h30ry was able to break from the pack initially but was eventually reeled back in once the pack settled and their pace increased.


An incident in dying laps of the race saw Caderz on the receiving end of a lag spike, having shadowed Scav3nger the entire race besides the pit stop he would come home third after a spirited effort to hold onto second from Drifter. The win brought Scav3nger closer to the leading pair, and the second place pulled Drifter closer to the championship lead. A fourth place for Woebegone6 saw Second Degree take the lead in the teams title, a sure bet to occur as Moobie Madness Motorsport were down a driver for this round with hyboi unavailable to race. The Rolling Rods pair of Chaos and Doc took the third row on the results table, followed by z00lu and the Lonk Donk pair of Alsimo and deadx.


The reverse grid, Race Two, saw the drivers head into the night and for the first time the headlights actually received some use. The Lonk Donk drivers lead the field off the grid, but by turn one deadx was already losing ground. Alsimo enjoyed some time at the front while the rest of the field bickered over positions. Woebegone6 got off to a shocking start and was last into turn one. The championship contenders struggled initially as z00lu and the Rolling Rods pair put up staunch defence of their positions, and at one stage the train of cars extended from z00lu in position two all the way down to Woebe in position seven.


Eventually Drifter and Scav3nger were able to slice their way through the field, with Scav3nger securing a clean sweep and Drifter sweeping the second step on the podium. Caderz was unfortunate to be caught in the battle pack and could only achieve fifth under the fireworks and hotel lights. Alsimo achieved the last step on the podium on his return and Woebe backed up race one with another fourth place finish in the reverse grid race, rocketing Second Degree Racing into a clear lead while Moobie Madness was a man down. z00lu carried his seventh over from race one to race two, finishing in the middle of a Rolling Rods sandwich of Doc in sixth and Chaos in eighth. Deadx came home in last place after finding a barrier at the end of the back straight and pitting twice.


With one round to go it’s heating up for in the Drivers Championship, however, with Drifter’s consistent results in Abu Dhabi taking him to the top of the standings just 15 points ahead of Caderz. The big mover has been Scav3nger this week though, with the double victory rocketing him up to just 30 points behind the championship leader. Despite the momentum shift the Second Degree boss was adament the drivers title was not on his radar just yet.

At this stage I think we’re in an okay position but we weren’t expecting to be fighting for the drivers title 3 rounds ago so we’re not thinking championship on a drivers level, maybe if we get a good result in race one compared to the others then we’ll start thinking about it but right now the team are focused on good results to maintain our teams championship position.

Scav3nger’s full comments in the press paddock after Abu Dhabi

Drifter meanwhile is focused on wins to secure his championship postition:

My mindset going into Long Beach has always been to be at my absolute best and to make sure to come away with a win.

Drifter’s full comments in the press paddock after Abu Dhabi

The season finale will be held at Long Beach on October 13th where a new champion will be crowned, but the question is who will it be?

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