CANZ V8 Supercars 2016 – The Contenders

V817 The Contenders

As we get closer to the season finale of the CANZ V8Supercars 2016 season with a new champion to be crowned we decided to take a look at the season so far for our top three and provide a bit of analysis before the full season wrap up for the rest of the grid after the season concludes.

So let’s take a look at the contenders.

#2 MRN3Drifter

Team: Feisar International
Championship Points: 2705 (Current Leader)
Vehicle: Mercedes Benz E63
Chassis Name: Miku

MRN3Drifter 2016

Championship leader after the conclusion of the Yas Marina round, Drifter has been a consistent performer all season, only dropping out of the top 5 on two occasions (Race 5 finishing 7th and Race 8 finishing 9th). It’s fair to say that, for Drifter, had those performances been of similar consistency to the rest of his season the championship would be looking comfortable for him.

Drifter’s season has included eleven podiums, three of them have been on the top step. To summarise his season as “consistent” really doesn’t do it justice as fifteen races with eleven podiums means there’s been a greater than 70% chance that he’ll be on the podium at the end of a race.

To declare this as Drifter’s break-out year would do justice to what he has achieved compared to where he started in RGL, and even if he falls short in this years championship it’s hard to see that he won’t be back at the front again next year to give it another crack.

#16 CrashCaderz

Team: Aus-Gear Motorsport
Championship Points: 2690
Car: Holden Commodore VF
Chassis Name: Unknown, may not subscribe to such things

Caderz 2016

If there’s been a benchmark this season, CrashCaderz has definitely been the guy setting it. While his qualifying pace has been out-done by the Mercedes during the year, his race pace has more than made up for it. It’s hard to argue with the notion that Caderz is keen to get his hands on a main series championship to go with his RGL Mazda Masters title and 2016’s V8 Supercars is the closest he’s been.

In very much a “win it or bin it” style of consistency, Caderz’s ten podiums have been made up prodominently of race wins, with seven of his appearances being on the top step, with two second place finishes, and a single third. Of the remaining races he has either crashed out or failed to finish due to connection issues. Like Drifter, had stability in his connection worked in his favour the championship could have a very different look to it.

As is the nature of a consistent performer, should Caderz be unlucky this year 2017 should see the hard charger at the pointy end of the field again to do battle for another championship.

#17 Scav3nger

Team Name: Second Degree Racing
Championship Points: 2675
Car: Mercedes Benz E63
Chassis Name: SDR MB02 – “Stella”

Scav3nger 2016

Though his charge into championship contention has come late in the season, Scav3nger may yet be made to rue early season inconsistency that has reared its head at various points throughout the season. Few on the grid are in doubt of his ability to race defensively, but his results seem to suggest he struggles when it’s his turn to do the passing. With many of his poorer performances coming in reverse grid races.

Scav3nger’s season has been made up of nine podiums, three race wins, three second places, and three third places. However his other finishing positions have included two ninths, and two sevenths, among other varying finishing positions across the season. If Drifter has been Mr Consistent this season, Scav3nger has been Mr Inconsistent. His championship charge fired up with a rare back-to-back win at Yas Marina bringing him to just 30 points behind the championship leader.

Despite not admitting it, this is the closest Scav3nger has been to a main series win in Forza across RGL and CANZ. While he says he’s not thinking championship for now, it’s hard to imagine the thought of the possibility hasn’t crossed his mind a few times since Yas Marina.

If you were the betting type, who would your money be on? “Mr Consistent”, “The Bar Setter”, or “The Late Charger”?

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