Inaugural draft for the Soccar Championships throws a few curve balls

Soccar Championships Season II

With the TSG Soccar Championships very first draft complete for Season II, a few were surprised by some choices and tactics came to the fore.

z00lu, captain of the Mannfield Marauders had picks 1 and 7 after his team finished bottom of the ladder in Season I. He used his first pick to grab Chaos, while Alsimo followed with his familiar team mate in WorkingData to join the Spartans. Scav3nger had picks 3 and 9, hoping to keep the Sharks roster the same from the first season after rumoured plans to secure DrinkTilDeath fell apart when the latter was moved to a captaincy role when NuclearNinja23 withdrew at the last minute. SlinnShady was his first pick with the hope that Clasfied Hunter would remain available for pick 9 in the second round.

It was not to be as the tactics of deadx89, now taking charge of the Wasteland Devils, snapped up Hunter to play a key defensive role. Although expectations were that the higher players in FuriousWolf and NuclearMajor would be selected as first picks, due to salary cap restrictions of the other teams, deadx could see that he would have an opportunity to select either of them in the second round.

Whether or not MRN3Drifter had a strategy in place before the draft commenced will remain unknown, but he looked to follow suit by selecting from the lower value players taking rookie joshman808. While scouts could see that joshman808 was worth more than the entry level value of a rookie, it was a masterstroke by Drifter, taking him away from the likes of the Sharks, Spartans and Marauders for the second round of picks.

DrinkTilDeath hedged his bets on getting a lower value player second, taking his team mate NuclearNinja from Season I, who ironically was supposed to be captain of the Knights leading into the draft. The next pick from z00lu would determine much of what would happen for the remaining picks, and in a similar vein, he chose to go with a familiar player in DaddyDavis, who remains with the Marauders after finishing strongly for the team in Season I.

Alsimo had hoped to snare joshman808 but was forced to change his strategy which saw the Spartans maintain their exact roster from Season I, as True Zola was picked. Scav3nger then went straight for woebegone6 to complete the Sharks selections, while deadx grabbed Season I MVP, NuclearMajor to add some much needed scoring ability to the Devils lineup. Drifter then proceeded to weigh up choosing between The Doc and FuriousWolf, though it was obvious DrinkTilDeath only had room in his salary for The Doc. With that the final two selections were made resulting in the following lineups for Season II:


z00lu (capt), Chaos 7h30ry, MrDaddyDavis

Spartans Logo

Alsimo (capt), Workingdata5140, TrueZola I 25 I

Scav3nger (capt), Im SlinnShady, woebegone6

Devils Logo


deadx89 (capt), Clasfied Hunter, NuclearMajor69

Raiders Logo


MRN3Drifter (capt), joshman808, xXFuriousWolfxx

Knights Logo

XDrinkTilDeathX (capt), NuclearNinja23, x06 The Doc 06x

Unused Teams:

Titans Logo Angels Logo Dogs Logo Magic Logo
Fixture news will be released shortly as the season openers will kick off on November 8th at 9pm AEDT.

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