2017 Changes to TSG’s Website

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Hello Everyone, welcome to the first website post of 2017. We’ve got a couple of changes that have been made to the website for this year. Let’s take a look and outline what’s different.

Navigating to the forums will now bring you to a new integrated forum. Unfortunately we were not able to transfer content from the old forums and keep user accounts, so this is essentially a 2.0 fresh start for user accounts (more on that later). The old forums can still be found by navigating to http://screwedgamers.com/forum/ or using the “Legacy Forums” link in the header but have been placed into read-only mode (no new posts or registrations). They will be used as reference to past discussions for a while but will eventually be removed.

User accounts are now managed entirely through the website itself. One account, one site, everything integrated. I’m already looking into ways to make STATS work using the same account as here on the website so you only need one account for the entire TSG network of sites.

Also enabled is a community feature. This gives members an activity feed, the ability to add (or remove) friends and create groups through the website, a bit more social-media esque. Though some of these features may not be used right now they may become useful in the future.

TSG’s Soccar Championships has been rebranded to TSG’s Rocket Soccar. This will hopefully better indicate that it is a Rocket League competition, and given we’re going for a fresh start in 2017 we figured a new name was warranted. The 2v2 hasn’t gained enough traction at this stage so we’re holding that off for a little while. Look for more news on that soon as well as our 3v3 Ladder Competition.

We’re still in the process of getting a couple of things in order, so pardon our dust while we sort that out, but hopefully the changes make the website more interactive and easier to use. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the registration page and create a new account today!

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