Enduro Cup Kicks off at Road America

V817 Road America

Round Nine of the 2017 CANZ V817 series saw the start of the Moobie Madness Enduro Cup. Teams and drivers were encouraged to roll out retro liveries from previous CANZ and RGL ORC seasons, and the small field taking part responded with some fantastic recreations of old works.

The small field didn’t result in a lot of close racing in the end, especially for race 1. With the faster drivers at the pointy end the field spread quickly, battles raged early but dissipated as the laps wore on.

Scav3nger took advantage of a marginal lead to make his pit stop ahead of Caderz, Drifter followed him in on the same lap. As Caderz emerged from the pits a couple of laps later Scav3nger maintained his marginal lead, but Caderz was within Drifter’s grasp. The pair began battling, allowing Scav3nger to run clear of the pair to claim first blood in the Enduro Cup race.

The remainder of the field finished with Chaos, Dragon, and The Doc; with Woebe parking it just after the half way point in the race.

The reverse grid race for the second feature was organised based on the reverse of qualifying order, rather than the results of race 1. As Dragon missed qualifying he would start from the pole, with the rest of the grid being Woebegone6 out of P2, Doc and Chaos on row 2, Caderz and Scav3nger out of row 3, and Drifter at the rear of the field.

The mid-field was tightly packed out of turn 2, Woebe had a horrendous start and ended up dropping well behind before even entering turn 1. The tight battle between the 2nd to 4th place runners allowed Dragon to break away from the pack and build a gap early. Into turn 3 Doc missed his braking point and ended up in the tyre wall, there was no damage but he fell back to battle with Woebe for the remainder of the race. This left the championship leading trio of Caderz, Drifter, and Scav3nger to chase down the pole sitting FEISAR.

Without a track advantage, the trio stayed together attempting to chase down Dragon before making pit stops, after 5 laps Scav3nger suffered damaged from a connection issue on Caderz and was forced to pit. Opting not to call a safety car for the lag damage and allowing the others to continue chasing Dragon under green flags. Scav3nger emerged on a clear track and set about regaining his lost time.

At the back, Woebegone was finding the car more suitable than in qualifying, questioning how he was finding it better now despite running the same tune. He and Doc were trading lap times as the laps wore on. Chaos was closing in on the lead pack.

As Caderz and Drifter ranged up on Dragon, the trio began slowing each other down with their battling. Allowing Scav3nger to close up and drag Chaos along with him. When the lead group started pitting, Caderz and Drifter appeared ahead of Scav3nger who had managed to claw back time lost, and Dragon appeared on the same area of track as Chaos.

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