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Hello everyone, we’re back!

It’s been a bit of a hiatus with a lot of our administrative team caught up in real life events during the last 10-12 months. A hiatus which unfortunately brought our momentum to a halt. In 2019 we’re bringing back old favourites and returning to our RGL established roots. So read on to see our plans for 2019!

First, The New Logo

The 2019 rebrand for The Screwed Gamers gives us a fresh start. Gone is the screwdriver. A relic of TSG’s past it has been replaced by something even better. A screw. Various forms of this logo will be appearing as our new branding package begins to get used across various forms of media.

CANZ Racing returns to Forza Motorsport

In 2016 we ran two championships. One on Forza Motorsport 6, another on Project CARS. It’s not hard to imagine that on the Xbox the Forza championship was more popular, and as the seasons drew to a close the numbers were telling us that Project CARS (on Xbox at least) was not a popular choice at the time. Likely due to bad performance and instability on the platform. In 2017 we returned to Forza 6 and concluded the championship with a crossover series on F1 2017 which launched part way through the year. This championship lasted only a short time as the numbers dropped to a level that was not providing quality racing for the participants.

In 2019 we’re heading back to a staple series of CANZ and the RGL Online Racing Community. Supercars on Forza Motorsport 7. 18 Rounds, over 30 races, and a boat load of championship points on offer. A full calendar and series information will be available soon, but in the meantime jump over to our forums and get involved in the (new and old) discussions.

Race Highlights and Replays to Return

One of the successful elements of RGL’s Online Racing Community was the availability of highlights and race replays from the Championship Series. While we can confirm highlights and replays will be back in 2019 we can’t provide an accurate number of how many races will receive the full replay treatment or will be limited to highlights only. This will be largely dependent on workload and real life events that may affect production.

Socials Take Point

In 2019 we’ll also be returning to social gaming nights and rolling events. These events will vary throughout the year and could be themed events or limited series. Some previous examples of social nights have been Chiliad Mountain races on GTA V or Custom Game night on Rocket League. Rolling events are things like the Screwed Gamers Minecraft server (which will be making a comeback soon) where we have an ongoing and always available server for survival play. Even titles such as Halo and Worms have had a few social nights run in the past. Anything is on the table if enough people get involved!

Rocket League and Rocket Soccar

For those of you whom remember the venture into competitive Rocket League with the Rocket Soccar championship series, you’ll recall it wasn’t particularly successful at the time of running. While we can say that Rocket Soccar will be back in the future we can’t say at this stage what form it will take. We will be running plenty of social nights and quick-fire special series in the meantime though. So jump over to the forums and get in on our Discord to keep up with the latest discussions!


Every successful community needs a welcoming and supportive user base to get people involved, but it also helps to add a feature on top to give it that special flavour that makes it a draw card for prospective members. TSG’s lead admin Scott (aka Scav3nger) has been hard a work developing the Statistics Taking and Tracking System (STATS). Once fully operational the STATS platform will keep track of various statistics for CANZ (and even the old RGL stats) and will eventually be expanded to Rocket League and other statistic worthy titles. The platform is still under development, and quite a while away from being fully feature complete (especially to Scott’s vision) but various testing opportunities will be available in the coming weeks and months, for more information check out the forums or the #statstalk channel on TSG’s Discord!

In Closing

We’ve got a lot on the cards for 2019. It’s going to be a big undertaking but we’re hoping you’ll all get involved and pitch in where you can to help us get back on track after our hiatus and make 2019 a solid platform to build on into the 2020’s! Once again, to get involved jump over to the forums or dive into the discussion on our Discord!

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