Halo: Reach Game Night One

Our first Game Night in a long time saw a handful of the regulars messing around with Halo: Reach and a few of its trusty game types and maps. We took to the older game of Halo as it was very successful a few years back when we were playing social nights and having plenty of laughs. Thursday night was no exception at all!    

Lead by Scav3nger, Woebegone6, Chaos 7h30ry and z00lu kick started the night with Rent-a-Car and the laughs came thick and fast. z00lu didn’t need any help as he went off the sides to his death due to very poor driving skills in most of the early rounds, while a well-placed Spartan Laser sent others flying to their deaths. There were plenty of flips and spins, missed attempts and smashing others off the field of battle and some four car pile ups. Woebegone went for some serious hang time before landing, only to be shoved off the map by z00lu. In the end Chaos and z00lu led the way with a three all draw, while Scav3nger and Woebegone had 2 round wins a piece.

Next up was an experimental option in Jail Break. Experimental being the operative word as we had no idea how the game type worked and how it applied to the map. By the time the game was over, we had worked a few things out, with exception of the golf ball and six sided dice…..even now we just don’t know why they were there. Perhaps with a few more players we will come back to that map and try it again……

Moving on to another traditional game type in Hide and Seek, due to there being only four players, most maps were relatively too big. But that didn’t stop us, or the laughs. One thing was for sure, Woebegone and z00lu were the most useless zombies, as Scav3nger and Chaos managed to find one or two players within the time limit. There was plenty of gun fire trying to lure the zombie, subtle and not so subtle hints as to where each other was hiding as well. Then the Hologram loadout was getting some use and tricked a few zombies into chasing them thinking they finally had someone killed.

There was a modification to the rules so that those that did get killed became zombies as well, instead of spectators, which upped the ante a bit for those still hiding, as the new zombie would know where to find them. Zealot proved to be the better map choice over Countdown, and too many times to count were there close calls, with zombies standing right next to one of the hiding players. Towards the end, z00lu placed one of his holograms right into Scav3ngers face, Woebegone swooping in for a kill not too long after. Scav3nger set about revenge on z00lu while Chaos placed himself on a low wall watching on. z00lu managed to survive Scav3ngers attempts, with Woebegone also being extremely close by swinging his sword. There was no shortage of laughs in nearly every round, as Scav3nger and Chaos toyed with z00lu’s inept ability to hunt them down.

We then went on to another new game type Apocalypes (yes that was the spelling). Basically we had a huge ramp we had to run up, to reach a tower. The only thing standing in our way were falling tanks, banshees, explosive cells, mines and huge rolling fire balls, hell bent on destroying you. Some crazy moments were to be had, including Woebegone being launched to the great beyond (hopefully that clip will make it to our YouTube channel). In the end, there was no apocalypse, as three of us made it to the top, only to find a sniper rifle in a tower and the inability to kill each other. Woebegone was unable to reach the tower, but at least he wasn’t missing out on anything!

To finish the night off, we returned to Rent-a-Car which once again produced some classic moments!

Scav3nger was helped out of a sticky situation by Chaos; with his Warthog placed precariously on the edge of one of the middle pits, Chaos sent a laser shot at the front of the vehicle. Meanwhile, z00lu had seen the opportunity to send Scav3nger to his death by pushing him into the pit. Just before z00lu arrived, Chaos’ laser strike, catapulted Scav3nger’s Warthog up and backwards, over z00lu’s oncoming vehicle. It was too late to brake, and z00lu plummeted to his death, while Scav3nger happily regained control of his Warthog and went on his merry way.

Continuing with Chaos’ magic with the Spartan Laser, after being knocked out of his Warthog in a collision with z00lu (who also fell out of his Warthog at the same moment), he stepped back and fired at the oncoming Woebegone, who was busy trying to push z00lu and two unmanned Warthogs, over the edge. Suffice to say, z00lu and Woebegone were toast!

And while we are still on the subject of Spartan Lasers, there were two moments were both z00lu and Scav3nger sent another player to their demise with well placed (in z00lu’s case – total bullshit) shots of the Spartan Laser, before jumping into their vehicles to enter the battlefield.

Last but certainly not least, Scav3nger and Woebegone, replicated a classic moment from a few years ago, when they simultaneously flew into the walls when the man cannons appeared, resulting in a draw for the round. Last time, it was three players who were destroyed within a split second, so it was pretty special to see this happen again!

All in all it was a great night, with nonstop laughs at all the crazy moments only gaming like this can produce. We hope to see more of our old troops back as the more there are, the crazy it can get. We look forward to another Game night in the near future, maybe we might play Worms, GTA V or even some good old Rocket League. Either way, there is nothing quite like a casual night of gaming with friends to finish a day off!

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