CANZ SC|19 Championship Series

General Information:

Series Title: CANZ SC|19 Championship Series
Proposed period: March-November 2019
Day: Thursday nights 8:30-9:00PM AEST
Category: Competitive
Number of Drivers: 22 Driver Limit
Points System: CANZ 2019 Points System
Team Points: Yes
Teams Required: TEC verified teams will compete for the constructors title. Solo drivers and new teams will compete for privateers title.
Rounds: 18
Races: 42
Time Period: Start date – 7/3/19. End date – 21/11/19
Qualifying: Yes. See below for more information
Time Trials: If entries exceed 22 drivers a reserve driver system will be implemented. If entries exceed 32 two lobbies will be implemented.
Additional Rules: None. All rules and regulations in the CANZ Sporting Regulations apply.

Competition is open to Australian/New Zealand region drivers only. Administrators reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone with repeat offenses of lag related incidents in the interest of the quality of racing for other competitors.

Vehicle Information:

Vehicle Details: 2016 Year V8 Supercars. Holden/Ford/Nissan
Upgrades: Yes. Balance of performance where required. All cars must have race brakes and driveline installed.
Tuning: Yes

Livery Information:

As per CANZ Sporting Regulations real life inspiration may be drawn from for liveries, but team names and designs must be original.

Stewarding Details:

Full stewarding: No
Partial stewarding: Yes
Incident submissions required: Yes – Incidents will need to be submitted to the series organiser with suitable evidence. More information can be found on the forums.


Please see the Race Formats page for more information on qualifying formats for each round.

Race Formats:

Please see the rounds and tracks section for information on race formats for each round.

Rounds and Tracks:

SC19 Calendar

For a detailed description of each format, please see the Race Formats page.

Pit stops:

Please see the Race Formats page for more information on Pit Stop requirements for each race format.


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