Race Formats

In 2019 CANZ Racing will have four racing formats. Standard, Sprint, Qualifying Race and Endurance. These formats are intended to mix up the racing where circuits have previously resulted in relatively quiet races. All races are calculated to a number of laps close to the specified time and may be shorter or longer by around 2 minutes.

CANZ 2019 Standard Format

In the Standard Format for 2019, drivers will take part in a 12 minute qualifying session to set the grid for race 1. Race 1 is a 25 minute race and is awarded the full value of points as per the regulations, one mandatory pit stop is required. Race 2 is a 12 minute Reverse Grid race, where the finishing order of Race 1 is flipped and sets the grid for Race 2, no pit stop is required. At the conclusion of this half-length race half points are awarded rounded up where necessary.

CANZ 2019 Sprint Format

In the Sprint Format for 2019, drivers will take part in a 6 minute quick-fire qualifying session before taking part in three 12 minute sprint races. No pit stops are required in these races. These races are run under the following conditions:

Race 1: The grid is sorted based on the results from Qualifying
Race 2: The grid is sorted by reverse grid of qualifying positions for Race 1
Race 3: The grid is sorted by reverse grid order of Race 2 finishing positions

All races earn half points rounded up where necessary.

CANZ 2019 Qualifying Race Format

In the Qualifying Race Format, drivers take part in a 12 minute sprint for the grid race. The grid for this race is based on reverse championship order with no pit stops required and results set the grid for Race 1. Half points are awarded for the grid race. From here Standard Race Format applies.

CANZ 2019 Endurance Format (A and B)

The Endurance Format for 2019 is broken down into two formats. Endurance A and Endurance B.

Endurance A: Shootout Qualifying based on championship order (lead driver in the championship sets the first time) before a single endurance race that is awarded double points. Only one pit stop is mandatory.
Endurance B: Standard Qualifying of approximately 12 minutes before two 30 minute races (approximate) that are both awarded standard points. The second race is a reverse grid race. Both races have a mandatory pit stop.