Section 1: Administration

1.1 Administration Levels:

The Administration for the CANZ is broken down into three categories, directors, series organisers, and series personnel. Directors manage varying aspects of administration of the community and can provide impartial support to series organisers and personnel as required. Series organisers handle all aspects of coordinating the running of a championship. Series personnel may be assigned by the organiser to help with certain tasks (stewarding, for example) relating to the operation of their series.

1.2 Eligible Competitors:

Racing is open to any driver regardless of skill level. No driver shall be treated unfairly for their driving skill or ability (under regulation 5.6 DRIVER ETIQUETTE).

1.3 Event postponement or cancellation:

Directors reserve the right to postpone or abandon a race event, series, or championship at any time. Series organisers are reminded that the task of running a series is not to be taken on lightly. Any sign of failure to appropriately run and/or manage a series or championship may result in a director abandoning the series or championship.

1.4 Organiser Override:

Any regulations outlined by a series or championship that are in direct conflict with rules and regulations outlined within these Sporting Regulations will take precedence.