Section 4: Practice and Qualifying

4.1 Schedule of Events:

The schedule for each event should be outlined prior to the event. This may come in the form of a standard operating procedure outlined at the start of the season to be followed throughout the duration. Or specifically outlined on the day of the event. If two championships or more are operating at the same event (running on the same day/night) the organisers of all championships must work together to outline their schedule of events to ensure no clash of timing occurs.

4.2 Practice:

Practice sessions may be offered at the organisers discretion to provide the opportunity for drivers to practice with others. At least one (1) timed lap should be completed during either a practice or qualifying session. Failure to set a lap time may result in exclusion from the event.

4.3 Grid Positions:

Each grid position shall be decided on lap times set in qualifying session(s), with the fastest driver being placed on pole position and the remainder in order of qualifying times unless race-specific ruling (such as reverse grid) override this rule. If two or more drivers record equal lap times the first driver to record the time shall take precedence unless handled otherwise by game software. Grid position penalities may also be applied from previous rounds which may affect starting positions from any qualifying session(s). This will be outlined in the previous round Stewards Report and reiterated in the lead up to the event.