Section 6: Stewarding and Penalties

6.1 Stewarding Format:

The Series Organiser will determine the stewarding format between two options for each series:
a) Incident Submissions – all incidents must be reported to the series organiser with suitable evidence for adjudication by Series Organiser(s) and/or appointed steward(s).
b) Full Stewarding – Series Organiser(s) and/or appointed steward(s) review the entire event and apply penalties to all incidents observed during the stewarding process as they deem necessary.

6.2 Stewarding Decision:

The final say for all penalties are decided by the Series Organiser(s), appointed stewards may suggest penalties they feel are appropriate. Where further clarification of an incident is required, the appointed steward(s) or Series Organiser(s) may seek further information from involved drivers.

6.3 Appealing a Decision:

An appeal process is available for drivers and team representatives who feel a penalty was given incorrectly. Appeals may be made within 48 hours of the stewards report being published and must contain suitable grounds for the incident to be reassessed.

6.4 Penalty Types:

Penalties are handed out in the following categories:
a) Points penalty from the drivers’ championship points
b) Grid position penalty (where possible)
c) Exclusion from qualifying at the next event
d) Exclusion from the following round.
Exclusions will only be handed out in the most extreme of cases or in the event of repeat offenders.

6.5 Penalty Formats:

Penalties will be described in Stewards Reports under the following categories:

Pit Infringement | Any time a driver enters or exits the pit lane incorrectly, or fails to pit inside the designated pit window. Pit penalties for unsafe releases may also apply if the game allows manual control in the pit lane.
Unsafe Re-entry | Any time a driver is deemed to have made an unsafe re-entry to the circuit. Either from an incident resulting in them going off-circuit, or from re-entry to circuit from the pit lane.
Blocking | Any time a driver makes an excessive amount of defensive moves (more than one move in a braking zone, or excessive weaving on a straight) which hinders another driver from making a pass.
Unsportsmanlike Conduct | Any time a driver performs in a way which could be deemed unsporting. Attempting to distract another driver with flashing headlights, overly aggressive passing maneuvers, blocking is also considered unsportsmanlike behaviour.
Collision | Any time a collision between two or more vehicles occurs that results in a loss of position(s) or damage to the other vehicle(s).
Corner Cutting/Track Abuse | Any time a driver deliberately cuts or abuses a section of the track and gains a distinct advantage as a result.
Car Regulations | Any time a car fails to meet the regulations for a series as specified by the rulebook and/or series specific regulations.