V8 Supercar Championship Series


CANZ V8 Supercar Championship Series (V8SC)

General Information:
Series Title: CANZ V8 Supercar Championship Series (V8SC), Season One
Platform: Xbox One (Forza Motorsport 6)
Proposed period: February – November 2016
Day: Thursday’s from 9pm
Category: Semi-Competitive
Number of Drivers: Maximum 24 (one lobby)
Points System: CANZ Points System
Team Points: Yes
Teams Required: Yes
Rounds: 9
Races: Two per round.
Time Period: TBC
Qualifying: 10-15 minutes qualifying
Time Trials: Not applicable.
Lobby Information: See below.
Rules: CANZ Regulations apply.
Damage Mode: TBA

Vehicle Information:
Upgrades: TBA.
Tuning: Allowed

Livery Information:

Driver assists:
All assists allowed.

Lobby Information:
The series will be run with a maximum of one lobby.

Stewarding Details:
Stewarding: Yes
Incident submissions required: Yes

Points penalties. Grid penalties may be applied to serious/repeat offenders.

Round Format:
Each round will consist of two races following standard qualifying. The first race will run for approx. 15-20min (lap number will be determined based on track length/average lap times). These races will include a mandatory pit stop to be taken in a short window (approx the middle third of the race). The second race in each round will be reverse grid with race length to be approx 7-10min (again lap number will be determined by track length/average lap time).

This series will be supported by social racing consisting of approx 3-4, five minute races using vehicles requested by participants on the night. These races will not involve any scoring or tracking players standings.

Race Starts:
Standard race starts unless issues arise with lobby ordering being incorrect, in which case a formation lap may be required.

Pit stops:
Mandatory pit stop for the first race in each round.

Vehicle List:


Provisional Calendar for 2016:

March 10th, Season Opener (Round 1):
Circuit: Silverstone International
Start Time: 9pm AEDT

April 7th, Round 2:
Circuit: Hockenheim Mini
Start Time: 9pm AEST

May 5th, Round 3:
Circuit: Bernese Alps Statdplatz Reverse
Start Time: 9pm AEST

June 2nd, Round 4:
Circuit: Rio National
Start Time: 9pm AEST

June 30th, Round 5:
Circuit: Bathurst (Enduro)
Start Time: 9pm AEST

July 28th, Round 6:
Circuit: Monza
Start Time: 9pm AEST

August 25th, Round 7:
Circuit: CotA West
Start Time: 9pm AEST

September 22nd, Round 8:
Circuit: Yas Marina Corkscrew (Race 2 Night Race)
Start Time: 9pm AEST

October 13th, Round 9:
Circuit: Long Beach
Start Time: 9pm AEST


Drivers Standings

Pos Driver Name Points
1 CrashCaderz 2400
2 MRN3Drifter 2305
3 Scav3nger 2175
4 Hyboi 2105
5 x06 The Doc 06x 1830
6 z00lu 1695
7 Woebegone6 1565
8 Chaos 7h30ry 1505
9 UnusedDragon488 1200
10 SedateBeast395 980
11 Clasfied Hunter 900
12 TechWo1f 420
13 JaCoBDoWsOn98 120
14 hell5pawn77 80
15 ErebusV8 30

Team Standings

Pos Team Name Points
1 Moobie Madness Motorsport 3800
2 Second Degree Racing 3740
3 AusGear Motorsport 3355
4 Rolling Rods Motosport 2705
5 Ax4x Feisar Motorsport 2335
6 Green Team Racing 980
7 Volvo Demon Racing 80
8 Lonk Donk Racing 0