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Full Version: Interest in F1 2016 series
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With this years F1 game being an improvement to previous titles (surprisingly from codemasters) I'm just wanting to get interest into how many of you would like to have a F1 2016 series next year in CANZ. We haven't had an F1 series before and i think it'll work well with Drivers Championship, but also Constructors Championship with 2 car teams. I'm just looking for interest, so formats or information haven't been decided on yet. Comment if your interested, i think it will be a good series if we can get it going.
I'm interested
Further information: This series would need to work around current Forza and pCARS commitments as well as Rocket League as we'll still be using these games in 2017. This may involve holding the F1 2016 series on a night other than a Tuesday or a Thursday if neccessary to avoid clashes.

In saying that, consider me interested once I get the game.
I don't think I can add another game into my schedule. Sorry guys, I'll have to pass on this one.
I'm in and dragon will probably race too
I feel like I should pick this up because I've never bought an f1 game before, but it won't be until I can afford to
Depending on when this would start would determine whether I start at the beginning or join mid-way because I have no pace in these cars right now.
Were you not watching my stream? I'm useless at it.
We'll have to have a race-off at some point to work out who's worse.
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