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Full Version: Virgin Australia SuperCars 2016
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Alrighty, seeing as though Bathurst is less than 2 weeks away, and heading into the last few months of racing. I thought it'd be cool to set up thread, where we can discuss anything related to the Supercars series. It also includes driver team moves in the off season, seeing as though there's still a few drivers without seats next season.

You can also talk about stuff which happens in the support categories aswell.

So to kick things off the 'Harvey Norman Supergirls' have shown off their new striking livery on their Nissan Altima for Bathurst.

[Image: v8supercars-harvey-norman-supergirls-ann...cie-ni.jpg]
Interesting that both Caltex and Wilson Security have put sponsorship on their car despite having major sponsorship deals with other cars already (Caltex with Lowndes T8 car and T8 in general, and Wilson Security with GRM).

Not a very inspired livery though, the colour choice is good but I'm not sold on the overall design.
Caltex is her main DVS sponsor on her car. She's also a Caltex brand ambassador. not sure about Wilson security, it maybe a personal sponsor of hers. I agree with overall design is weird, but it's far better. Than that red/orange/white/blue combo they had going last year.
The colour scheme looks much better than last years although to me it feels basic just overall

Lets pray it doesn't end up on the wall
So Gracie has cut all ties to Paul morris Motorsport in Dunlop series. I'm presuming Paul wasn't too happy with them going to Nissan this year. It's funny though, everywhere you look on social media people are saying the same thing. And that's Chelsea Angelo should've been there instead of Gracie, Angelo is a talented racer far better than Gracie. But I guess if you get sponsors of course you'll get the drive.

Kinda regretting my decision on who'll be the first to crash out at the moment. I can't remember who it was but it definitely wasn't Golding...
It was scotty pye
Goldings thoughts on his crash today "shit happens". This kid needs a reality check.
It was another epic race but I'm pissed off that Whincup destroyed two of my favourite drivers. Punts McLaughlin off and completely checks Tander up on the racing line and the rest is history. Happy for Davo and Webby
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