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Full Version: CANZ V8 Supercars 2016 [Official Thread]
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CANZ V8 Supercars 2016 (V816)

General Information:
Series Title: CANZ V8 Supercars 2016
Platform: Xbox One (Forza Motorsport 6)
Proposed period: March - November 2016
Day: Thursday's from 9pm
Category: Semi-Competitive
Number of Drivers: 22
Points System: CANZ Points System
Team Points: Yes
Teams Required: Yes (three driver teams permitted see more below under "team rules")
Rounds: 9
Races: Two per round
Time Period: TBC
Qualifying: 20 minute qualifying
Time Trials: Should more than 22 drivers register, a waiting list shall be implemented.
Rules: CANZ Regulations apply.
Damage Mode: Simulation

Vehicle Information:
Upgrades: Race brakes only
Tuning: Allowed

Livery Information:
Unique liveries must be used, strictly no real world liveries allowed. One grace livery change is accepted and may be taken at, or after, the enduro round.

Driver assists:
All assists allowed.

Lobby Information:

Team Rules:
Teams may consist of three cars where suitable teams for other drivers cannot be found, four car teams are not allowed. In the event a team runs three cars they must preselect two of their drivers who will score team points. The third driver will score drivers points but may not contribute to the team points, even if a registered scoring driver is unable to race.

Stewarding Details:
Stewarding: Yes
Incident submissions required: Yes

Points penalties. Grid penalties may be applied to serious/repeat offenders.

20 minute session.

Race Starts:
Standard race start for race one, manual or rolling starts may be required for race two.

Pit stops:
One enforced pit stop in race one.

Vehicle List
Ford Falcon FG-X
Holden Commodore
Nissan Altima
Volvo S60
Mercedes E63

Provisional Calendar for 2016:

March 10th, Season Opener (Round 1):
Circuit: Silverstone International
Start Time: 9pm AEDT

April 7th, Round 2:
Circuit: Hockenheim Mini
Start Time: 9pm AEST

May 5th, Round 3:
Circuit: Bernese Alps Statdplatz Reverse
Start Time: 9pm AEST

June 2nd, Round 4:
Circuit: Rio National
Start Time: 9pm AEST

June 30th, Round 5:
Circuit: Bathurst (Enduro)
Start Time: 9pm AEST

July 28th, Round 6:
Circuit: Monza
Start Time: 9pm AEST

August 25th, Round 7:
Circuit: CotA West
Start Time: 9pm AEST

September 22nd, Round 8:
Circuit: Yas Marina Corkscrew (Race 2 Night Race)
Start Time: 9pm AEST

October 13th, Round 9:
Circuit: Long Beach
Start Time: 9pm AEST


Visit the following page and head to the registration tab:

Current Registrations (as at 14/02/16):

#17 Scav3nger - Second Degree Racing - Mercedes E63 AMG
#013 z00lu - Moobie Madness - Ford FGX
#55 Woebegone6 - Second Degree Racing - Mercedes E63 AMG
#170 The Doc - Rolling Rods Motorsport - Nissan Altima
#7 Chaos 7h30ry - Rolling Rods Motorsport - Nissan Altima
#86 Hyboi - Moobie Madness - Ford FGX
#8 MRN3Drifter - Allied Forces x FEISAR - Mercedes E63 AMG
#16 CrashCaderz - AusGear Motorsport - VF Commodore
#67 Clasfied Hunter - AusGear Motorsport - VF Commodore
#31 ErebusV8 - Allied Forces x FEISAR - Mercedes E63
#666 Hell5pawn77 - Volvo Demon Racing - Volvo S60

#33 Alsimo - Long Dong Racing Team - TBA
#38 Sedatebeast395 - TBA - Volvo S60
#98 JaCoBDoWsOn98 - TBA -TBA
Not a fan of the tracks for a few of them. Rio but different layout destroyed the Ozfm v8 series lol
Same went with the Nissan
(02-04-2016, 12:36 AM)CrashCaderz Wrote: [ -> ]Same went with the Nissan
Registered  Tongue
Sounds good! I'll be keen to jump into the FG-X.

Little sad there's no Watkins Glen, Bugatti circuit or even Spa. Sad
(02-06-2016, 09:02 PM)hyboi Wrote: [ -> ]Little sad there's no Watkins Glen, Bugatti circuit or even Spa. Sad

It was tough to pick just 9 circuits out of the roster with an adequate amount of familiar circuits and new circuits that we haven't raced on in a series as yet. Spa unfortunately didn't get much of a look in due to lap length as we attempted to maintain the previous RGL criteria of sub 2 minute laps where possible. I even said when planning the track list that Monza was pushing it (though if the short version had the same chicane as in Project CARS it would have got in over the full circuit).
Yeah, fair enough. I think Watkins Glen is over two minutes in that class.

Also looking for a team mate of need be. Could change brands also.
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