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Drivers and team managers are reminded that excessive language in response to questions may result in sanctions. Please respect our community's members as per the rules and regulations. Thank you.

Some basic questions (feel free to come up with some questions of your own though if you like):

How was your race today?

What was the team's plan coming into today's race?

What are some things the team are looking at moving forward?

What was your highlight of the race?

Did you generally like (circuit name) or feel as though a better circuit could be run? If so, which circuit?

What are you looking forward to most about the next race?
Bumping this thread back into action.

How was your race this week?

The races weren't too bad for us this week, it was a bit messy through the field but we did our best. If you were to ask us if we were dissapointed with the results I'd have a mixed response.

Were you dissapointed with the results?

Yes and no. It was a good result given the safety car ruined our strategy. But it was a good result to get on the podium and good to see Woebe getting back up the field for our challenge for the teams title. After setting pole for race one it would have been nice to take the win but pole and fastest lap will have to do.

What was the team's plan coming into today's race?

We committed to the 2nd lap pitstop after testing earlier in the week. We knew the cars pace improved as the stint went on, and the lap times once we got clear of the traffic after the safety car proved that with the fastest lap coming on, I think, the penultimate lap; I'd need to check. Woebe's strategy was blown wide open by the setup change at the last minute and he took advantage of the safety car to make his pitstop.

What are some things the team are looking at moving forward?

Improving the tuning setup, we had some independant testers try it out and apparently it was shocking so either these other guys are all freaks or I'm a freak, probably the latter, but hey, no doubting the speed the car had during the race so the evidence isn't conclusive either way!

What was your highlight of the race?

Probably the lap I set trying to chase down the leading pair, I wasn't pushing for a lap that fast, it just kind of happened. An unexpected surprise.

Did you generally like Circut of the Americas? Or did you feel as though a better circuit could be run? If so, which circuit?

I wasn't keen on it coming into the round, but in the end it wasn't a bad race. It's probably not in my top 3 circuits that we've used this season, but it's also not in my bottom 3. No doubting that a lot of the drivers would like to see old stomping grounds like Road America return in place of the rubbish like we saw at Rio.

What are you looking forward to most about the next race?

Probably the fact that we're going to be racing at night. This circuits a fantastic choice for it, given the lighting setup. The challenge to set the car up for both conditions is going to be an interesting one, expect to see faster times in the night race!

We're getting close to the end of the season, two questions for you, who would you say has impressed you the most and least? And what's the SDR plan for next season?

Interesting question, I'd say Drifter has probably impressed the most, he's been quick all season. Caderz you expect to be quick most of the time, he's been on the money since 2014 and was probably the benchmark coming into this season, but Drifter has really jumped up in leaps and bounds this season.

As for SDR's plan for next season? We'll need to wait and see what category we're racing first!
The team of Dead Last Racing are back to claim the wooden spoon
Positive Testing for CrashCaderz

Aus-Gear Motorsport driver CrashCaderz has had a few good test sessions according to the team, ahead of the final rounds of the V8 Supercar Championship, where CrashCaderz has a small buffer on the improving MERN Drifter.

We caught up with CrashCaderz to get his reaction on his testing.
"Today i got more feel back in my Holden commodore hoon Mobil. Halfway through the championship i feel like the cars lacked the grip and feel i wanted and we havent extracted enough from the car. The team have put a lot of hard work between rounds and we feel like with the testing we did, we got more of a direction on the car for the final rounds of the championship.

It will definitely be an exciting end to the championship as there are still 2-3 drivers in contention, so we have to be on our game for these remaining races. Unfortunately some of the parts and data will only be used for my car, so hunter will be running on a old-spec chassis for the rest of the season. We hoping he doesn't have any mechanical failures where it could be misfortunes for other drivers..."
So in recent preparation  for the hot and humid Yas Marina Circuit we caught with MRN3Drifter to see what is all about.

So Drifter tells us what is your strategy for tonight?

Well you guys dont need to know about that.

Good stuff.

So such words from someone who has been scratching and clawing to get back onto the top
Alismo, bruv, what are you expecting from yourself in the race tonight?

Oi nah. Should do alright ay....

Do you have any idea where the race will be held?

Nah nah nah. Not important.

So you haven't done any practice?

Practice? We talkin bout practice? Not the race? Practice?
How was your race today?

I would say both races went well. I don't think we quite had the overall pace to hold the lead but we were able to drive defensive enough that allowed us to hold P1. Slicing through the field in race 2 was a bit different because of the night conditions, that was good fun, and I think Alsimo probably enjoyed a few laps out in front to showboat a bit.

What was the team's plan coming into today's race?

Plans were thrown out the window after we've spent so much time in an F1 car the last couple of weeks. We had to revert to our CotA setup to get some comfort back into the car, our setup we were working on early on just didn't have the turn in after spending time in the aero-dependant F1's.

What are some things the team are looking at moving forward?

Getting out of a Mercedes.

What was your highlight of the race?

Probably being able to drive defensively enough to hold off both Caderz and Drifter, Chocco Jones is bloody quick in these cars and MERN has shown he's no slouch in that Merc across the year, so being able to keep both of them at bay is a good result for us.

Did you generally like Yas Marina or feel as though a better circuit could be run? If so, which circuit?

I feel like the circuit is good, but perhaps the South Layout would be a better option, it's a smaller pit lane and there's less dicky corners than the Corkscrew Layout. So on the one hand I don't like the layout, but on the other I don't mind the circuit. So I'll be interested to see if it sticks around next year.

What are you looking forward to most about the next race?

Last race of the year, what's not to look forward to? We're leading the teams championship now. At this point it's all to play for and Long Beach is sure to throw up some curve balls. At this stage I think we're in an okay position but we weren't expecting to be fighting for the drivers title 3 rounds ago so we're not thinking championship on a drivers level, maybe if we get a good result in race one compared to the others then we'll start thinking about it but right now the team are focused on good results to maintain our teams championship position.

Do you think you're in a prime position to fight for the drivers title?

Like I just said, we're focusing on the teams title right now.

So you don't think you'll win the drivers title?

That's... not what I said.

So you do think you'll win the drivers title then?

I... *indistinguishable as he walks off shaking his head*
So after an amazing spectacular race in the night time at Yas Marina we caught with the driver of FEISAR International's number 2 car MRN3Drifter

So Drifter how was the both races today?

They were both pretty good actually as i mostly stayed within the top 2 

So how's the car?

You mean Miku? yeah shes fine as a few scratches can't hurt her really. although i kinda feel bad for the pit crew because they honestly love the car to death and the paintjob  that the design team came up with soooooo.

What did you think of the track this week?

During the testing period the track has the intended fact that the sharp 90 degree corners can prove deadly it showed tonight although i kinda like it because it can throw a few curveballs

So what's your mindset going into the last race of the season Long Beach?

My mindset going into Long Beach has always been to be at my absolute best and to make sure to come away with a win.

Can you clarify if there is any word of any more sponsorship's coming?

Honestly no 
So as we sneak into the FEISAR International pit bay lets see if we can get a word with Drifter.

Drifter. May we have a word with you?

Yeah sure 

So what do you think of today's track Long Beach?

Well what can i say about Long Beach that probably is going to be said by some of the other drivers. its technical and sometimes brutally unforgiving but hey it feels much better than Circuito De Rio i can tell you that much.

So how is Miku?

Yeah she's well. The crew here have done a really good job of keeping her healthy and race ready i guess.

Many people are kinda laying down the odds between you, your rival CrashCaderz and Scav3nger. What do you think about that?

I think that's actually kinda of like raising the stakes when you think about it. I wonder what my odds at winning will be.

Since we are at the season finale today do you have anything to think back on?

There's many things to think back on like the first round at Silverstone where i won the reverse grid race or maybe i would wanna reflect on the brilliant performances between Caderz and I throughout the season trying to almost one up each other.

There are rumors that you guys might be switching manufacturers next season. Any comments to make on that?

Well yes we have been thinking of switching manufacturers for next season but the question is to which one though as we plan to move forward. plus to keep the member nations happy we have to move our base of operations from the land of Oktoberfest and German Sausages to a small nation that has always served the team well and that is the lovely and also wet U.K. And as part of the deal we have to give away the Merc's that have led the team to this point.

That's all for today. Good luck for the race.

Cheers guys   
So CrashCaderz, you had to work hard for it in the end but you've got the championship, how do you feel? 
Mate, i just plucked it in first, gave it some jandle and #!@% yeah!

Sorry, try cut out the swearing, were live.
I feel #!@%ing fantastic, It's always good to uh, win the Ashes Test match, I made a hundred!

Caderz are you drunk?
Ive had a few bevs but im only just starting

ok try and be serious here, you come into the final race 90 point behind drifter, how concerned were you for the championship?
Larry ya dickhead (reporter), me being concerned? All i needed to do was to bribe some people to do a few jobs for me and i just needed to win.

So you're saying you got people on your side to play dirty?
Nah i didn't, dont know what you're on about.

But you just said you bribed some of the guys to do a few jobs?

Larry, let me do the questions around here, your fired.

You cant fire me, your not my boss. Go home Caderz, you're drunk.

Kick on's at my place!
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