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CANZ Sportscar Championship Series (SCS) [Official Thread]
Dropping the last round to make sure you win the championship Wink
Not sure if anyone's been keeping tabs on the standings, but here's the play heading into the final round:

Scav3nger --------------- 1850
CrashCaderz ------------ 1650
z00lu --------------------- 1335
ClasfiedHunter ---------- 775
Cozza -------------------- 625
Alsimo ------------------- 200

Mr Cat 4 ----------------- 1935
x06 The Doc 06x -------- 1535
MRN3Drifter ------------- 1515
Chaos 7h30ry ----------- 1175
Woebegone6 ------------ 850
UnusedDragon488 ------ 745
TechWo1f --------------- 520
ErebusV8 ---------------- 10

Had the race at Sakitto gone ahead Cat would have to not show up for both races and Doc or Drifter would have had to win both to take it away from him. With the dropped round he's locked in as SCS GT Champion unless he does something outrageously stupid to cop a 200+ point penalty...

LMP is a bit closer, Caderz could still go the double if I fail to finish, but he'd have to win or come second to tie on points then win on the countback (4 wins to my 3). So it's still possible, but I'm pretty determined to break this curse of the series organiser, so if ya'll just accept that I got 'dis that'd be great.
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Seeing as though it's the finale, I'm going to jump in the Audi since the merc is just a handful of shitness
Given the state of the championship I don't think I'm going to bother resetting your points. Realistically I should have done it when you moved out of LMP2 into the GT class anyway. Even if you win and Chaos doesn't race you can't pass him in the standings anyway. So whatever.
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Final Standings at series completion:

Scav3nger ------- 2050
CrashCaderz ----- 1900
z00lu ----------- 1510
ClasfiedHunter -- 775
Alsimo ---------- 200


Mr Cat 4 -------- 1935
x06 The Doc 06x - 1785
MRN3Drifter ----- 1715
Chaos 7h30ry ---- 1175
Woebegone6 ------ 1025
UnusedDragon488 - 745
TechWo1f -------- 520
ErebusV8 -------- 10
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I reckon I would have been battling with Woebe for 5th place had I stayed in the GT's. Did find racing in LMP more fun too.

It would be good to revisit this series down the track if the driver numbers increase to at least 14 regulars every race

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