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Best Longboards for Cruising 2021
As I was leisurely riding along the beach on my favorite pintail the other day, someone stopped me to ask me what makes the best longboard for cruising. I suddenly realized this wasn’t such an obvious question to answer due to the broad-ranging meaning of the term “cruising”.

Cruising means different things to different people, but generally, we might say it refers to riding around on your longboard for pleasure. Figuring out the Longboards for Cruising to cruise on, however, depends on how and where you ride.These longboards have very different characteristics, I’ve picked them because together they cover the most common styles of longboard cruising.

I’ll be covering how the deck, wheels, and trucks factor into the riding experience, and what type of components you should look out for.I’ve also thrown in some great cruiserboards you could choose from if you would like.In general, all the longboards below are beginner-friendly. Any beginner can step on to them and feel confident about riding them.

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