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    We caught up with Drifter after the first round at Brands Hatch

    Drifter first of all congrats on the first race win for the season how was today’s race

    Yeah cheers guys um it was very interesting I mean first race was really good Actron tried to get close but couldn’t get there in time and the second race was interesting managed a fifth place but wish could’ve been higher.

    So how did the other members of the FEISAR squad do.

    Well there was some highs and some lows unfortunately we couldn’t get the other two ( Chaos and Dragon) into the mid pack for race one ending up finishing 9th and 11th however that put them in a really good postitions for race two but due to a couple of bump and run incidents chaos ended up in the mid pack while dragon took podium which is really good for us in the teams standings.

    So Drifter how is your car Maki different to Miku from last year?

    Maki is very different this year being the fact that Miku was and still is a popular vocaloid artist where as Maki is a popular character from Love Live School Idol Project. Keeping with the idol theme from the second half of the year but in terms of cars Maki handles better than Miku as i dont have to work on too much with the suspension and the downforce so that’s always good.

    So the next round is Hockenhiem can you tell us your thoughts on this track?

    Hockenhiem at least for me is a track i dont enjoy to often. After all Im always seem to get involved in incidents here or it seems to reward me well and with the bring the car you brought style which will be at Hockenhiem im not feeling too confident because after all i dont want to repeat the reverse grid incident.

    Thanks for your time Drifter and good luck with Hockenhiem.

    Cheers guys



    Scav3nger, thanks for your time, how did you find round one of the new season?

    Not a bad result, I think it was the best we could hope for around Brands Hatch, we knew coming into this round that we weren’t on the pace with either car so I think we achieved the maximum result.

    You had a good battle with Caderz in the first race what was the chat in the post-race room like afterwards?

    Yeah it was a good battle. Just lost out in the end unfortunately but still good to have a great battle that doesn’t end with someone in the fence or facing the wrong way. We both agreed that it was a tough battle, especially trying to keep it consistent around the circuit to both stay ahead and trying to pass. A real tough circuit.

    The second race turned up the usual drama with the reverse grid race how did you find it?

    Reverse grid has always been a weakness for me and I have no trouble admitting that. Overall the race was a bit hectic though wasn’t it? I feel like I got passed by Actron and Drifter about a dozen times and it was only a nine lap race.

    How do you feel about the changes to qualifying to allow drivers to use times already set in the event of an early end to their session?

    I think it’s a good move, I feel like Caderz was unlucky to be a victim to see that a change was needed in that area but luckily for him he still managed to snag a podium in that first race so it wasn’t a major loss for him in the end.

    Last year you were in the Mercedes, this year it’s the Volvo, after the first race how did find the differences between the vehicles?

    Overall the car’s feel relatively similar, I think the biggest difference is the drive out of corners. The Mercedes was able to get a good run if you really straightened it up before putting the power down, in the Volvo though you can still be completing a turn slightly as you’re putting the power down. Whether that’s a personal observation or not I’m not sure, you might to ask Woebegone as well and see what he thinks.

    Last question for you before we let you go. Hockenheimring is up next, there’s been a minor change from Short to National layout, what are you hoping for from round 2?

    A bit closer to the guys at the pointy end would be nice and the layout change could help us with that with a couple of extra slow speed corners. It’s another tricky circuit though, plenty of unsettling kerbs to catch the unaware, especially through turn 1. Should be another good round. Our first Triple Sprint too, so that will be something different. Thanks guys.

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    So Caderz how would you describe your round 2 at Hockenheim?
    I think it was a great round in terms of results, finishing on the podium in all three races, especially with 2 reverse grid races, we stayed out of trouble and that was the main goal going into these races.

    You seemed to struggle in the first race but came on strong in the other two races, what was the problem?
    I don’t even know what it was to be honest. Earlier in the day we did our PB with a 1.30.1 in time trial and using the same tune in the first race, it felt completely different like it was a completely different tune i had on. So between race 1 and 2 i did a quick setup change and it seemed to calm the car down enough to drive it comfortably.

    5 races in and you’ve started your title defense strong, with 2 wins and have finished on the podium every race so far this season.
    Yes but the 2 wins have come from surviving the reverse grid races, i don’t think we’ve won those on out-right pace, so we still have got some work to do. It hasn’t been easy but we’ve managed to have 5 from 5, i didn’t have the best or fastest car out there this round, so getting podiums when the car isn’t quite there is a good result.

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    Scav3nger, thanks for your time. What are your thoughts on Hockenheim?

    Sorry, the venue or the actual races?

    The races, my apologies, how was Round 2 for you and Second Degree as a whole?

    I think overall we got the results we deserved. We’re seeing more and more than ever that passing in reverse grid races is harder and that lets those with a bit of luck – or perhaps a bit of excessive ambition – manage to get to the front and get clear of the rest of the field. So it’s something we’ll have to look at. Maybe we have to start getting the shoulders out a bit more aggressively than we have been doing. As a team I think we’re struggling. Performances haven’t been great across the board when the chips are down so we probably need to look a little closer and decide if some changes need to be made.

    Last season we saw that you were close to on pace with the other leaders (Caderz and Drifter) and that has continued so far this season, is your last comment referring to Woebegone6? Potentially there’s pressure mounting for his position in the team?

    That’s odd, not sure where you pulled that from what I said.

    Well saying that – and I quote – “we probably need to look a little closer and decide if some changes need to be made”, it could be read that while your own performances haven’t suffered Woebe’s haven’t been the greatest so far and have put Second Degree on the back foot. Is his position in the team under threat?

    I was almost 2 tenths clear of the next fastest car in practice and had set the pace all week in the lead up to the event, then qualified over 4 tenths off the pace. Still achieved second, sure, but that was lucky because Caderz had a car issue that prevented him from achieving his optimal best. So inferring that my comment is all about Woebe is wrong.

    The car must have felt good overall though, you managed to win race 1 of the night after getting a good start and clawed back to the podium in both reverse grids, what went wrong in qualifying?

    Well I messed up didn’t I? I thought with five laps to set a time I could bank a lap on the third and cruise the fourth before trying again for the fifth lap, took too much out of turn 1 though, lost too much time. Like I said though, we got lucky Caderz was having problems and didn’t reach his optimal time. I don’t think starting from third I would have had the same luck getting into a position for a pass into turn 1.

    How did you find the format? Three sprint races with two reverse grids?

    It was pretty hectic. There was a pretty crazy battle pack going on during race 2. Probably a few bumps and punts born out of anger trying to take vanishing gaps. Wouldn’t mind seeing one of the sprints being shorter again to really put the faster guys under a bit of pressure. Maybe 50% / 25% / 50% of standard race distance or something.

    I guess the last question I leave you with is about the next race, Nurburgring. This has historically been a mixed circuit for you. How are you planning to approach it? And if I can add further how are the team planning to approach it?

    Same as always on both fronts. Do our best.



    As we head into the FEISAR garage we can see Drifter working on his car a bit

    Drifter how was the round for you?

    Well it was interesting to say the least. a second , sixth and first. Overall it was a very interesting round for the entire team so there’s that.

    So Drifter what did you think of this new format?

    It can produce different results which i kinda like really even those winners were the top 3 from last season but still i enjoy it because sometimes you may have to roll the dice.

    So in the second race did you plan to finish in the mid pack?

    Maybe i did, maybe i didn’t. but if i did plan that it just go to show how if you roll the dice and your luck pans out right then you may end up winning

    How did your teammates go in this round?

    They did the best they could. Chaos had the better luck as his highest placing was 4th in the end. at one point we were on track for at least a FEISAR podium but sadly Caderz ruined our plans. Dragon on the other hand was struggling with his car and pace and also got the short end of the stick being in the mid to lower pack hopefully his performance improves soon.

    So in two weeks we head to the infamous Nurburgring and in doing so how are you preparing for it?

    Well its one of my favorite tracks and i’m so glad we go to it this year so my preparation is simple practice the track and learn it. Also Maki will always be prepared for the infamous conditions at the Nurburgring so as the team heads there we will keep an eye on the weather and prepares ourselves accordingly.

    Thanks for your time Drifter

    No probs


    Billy Hickey

    What do you think? I’m pretty proud of my paining!Hickey Motorsports 77



    Looks great! Will be a great addition to the field.


    Billy Hickey

    Billy, thanks for your time. We understand you’re busy preparing for your upcoming debut in CANZ at the Nurburgring this thursday, on that topic, how are you feeling coming into your debut?

    Hiya, first of all it’s great to be on the grid. I’ve joined a round or two late but still I’m happy to be here. This is my return to full time racing as I’ve been out of action for the past 10
    Months. It’s really exciting to back in a Supercar racing in CANZ, I love these cars and I couldn’t have picked a better group to race with. Now to the question, I’m a little nervous. Of course I’ve been out on track running laps and testing, but I’m not overly confident. We managed to sort the car out after a few issues to start with but we’ve come along. I’m still getting used to the car and being back behind the wheel so don’t expect me to be running anywhere near the front for the first few rounds!

    That’s fair enough. Now your deal with Jack Daniels, the car looks stunning! How did that come about?

    Thank you, and yes I’m very happy with the car. We’ve got a lot in store for the enduros so I’m excited to bring that out when that time comes. Jack Daniels were the sponsor of the second car in another Supercars series I raced in last year, they were really good to me and once they got wind of me getting back in to racing they jumped straight on board. We have a great partnership with them and I’m very excited to have them onboard again.

    How does it feel to be back behind the wheel after such a lengthy off season?

    It’s weird, that’s for sure. Like I said earlier I’m still getting used to the car again and how it reacts etcetera, but I’ll get there. It’s nice to be back behind the wheel for sure. The Holden is one of the best cars to drive and I really enjoy it because it has all of the normal characteristics of a Supercar, it’s heavy, quick and nimble. Whereas for example the Volvo which I’ve raced before is quick but a big fuel user, it’s also a lot more nimble than the Holden, plus it’s light too. So I’m in the best car to return to racing in.

    Thanks for your time Billy, best of luck this week.

    No problem, cheers!




    Scav3nger thanks for taking a moment to chat, always a pleasure.

    Pleasure is all mine, are we going with a more laid back approach these days? Loving the couch.

    Trying something a bit different. Let us know what you think.

    Already a thumbs up from me, love it… Sorry, I’m distracting you, you have questions.

    Yes, and hopefully you have answers. Firstly, how are you feeling after Hockenheim? First win for your season, do you feel your championship is on track?

    If it was I think it’s going to take another dent here. It was great to get that first win though, definitely a shot in the arm needed to get things going. Had an epic scrap during one of the reverse grid races. Looking forward to seeing what alterations are made to the format going forward though. I heard someone talking about reversing just the top 10 for the middle race rather than the whole field so that might be interesting if it comes to pass. Need to wait and see though I guess.

    Nurburgring is up this week, the circuit has been a bit hit and miss for you in the past. Does that play on your mind at all?

    I don’t really think so, obviously this was where I secured my LMP1 title during the 2016 Sportscar Championship. That was then and this is now though. Entirely different machinery so obviously it has its challenges. So does it play on my mind? Probably not, it’s just a track I’ve never really been strong at in this kind of vehicle. A few moments of brilliance but few and far between.

    Do you feel like this years championship is already shaping up to be another Caderz/Drifter fight?

    It’s certainly looking that way isn’t it? I think Hyboi and I are going to have a mighty scrap over the championship podium for a while, but by the sounds of it Hyboi will be undone by other priorities that will take him away from the racing later in the season.

    How do you feel you’re going as a team? Late to fire or just misfiring this year?

    I don’t think we’re really in that bad of a position right now. Just over 100 points behind still leaves us within striking distance. It only takes one bad result for the leading team to bring them back to the fold so as long as we stay within that 100 point area we’ll still be in with a shot. Obviously the team is working hard to keep us at the pointy end, but it’s also obvious the other teams have worked to lift their game. Perhaps the change of machinery has put us behind the eight ball, but when you look at FEISAR who are in a similar position coming from the Mercedes we clearly need to do better.

    Is that a team-wide statement or aimed at someone specific?


    Last question. A new driver is joining the field, do you have any advice for the newcomer to the grid?

    Yeah, must welcome the new guy, not sure what his short name is going to be yet, “Mr B” or “Hickey”, have to wait and see which one sticks. As for any advice, I guess just go out there and do your best, hope you have fun and it all stays clean for you.

    Thanks for your time.

    Cheers mate. I might just sit here a bit longer, this couch is comfy.

    You don’t have some work you should be getting back to?

    Yes I should probably actually get back to that shouldn’t I? Ah well, good times. I’ll be back if this couch is going to be the norm though. Count on it.



    Caderz, two 2nd place finishes this round, which is good but your main rival managed to claim both races.
    Yeah, once again we didn’t qualify particularly well, it wasn’t my best efforts and it cost us a front row. The first race we managed to get into 2nd but by the time i found my rhythm and starting producing good lap times drifter was up the road and only manage to close in on him but then i made a error that would see all that margin i made go, so 2nd was all i could do in the first race.

    2nd race was just hectic at the start, making sure we didn’t get involved in any incidents or making rushed moves that could turn out bad. So once i cleared the pack i came out in 2nd and unfortunately drifter was in 1st but again a good bank of points, it could’ve been worse.

    You’ve now lost the championship lead, does that change the way you drive, to be more aggressive?
    No, it’s still early days, a lot of racing still to come. Drifter may of won this round but the war is certainly isn’t over. Just got to focus on ourselves and stay out of trouble and keep those podiums coming. I’ll put more effort into the rounds where there are full points on offer as they can make or break your championship, because as you saw on this round, coming first can give you a great buffer over your rivals.

    Lastly, we seen that one of your rivals are choosing to run driving aids to help their performance, what do you have to say about that?
    You journalist are always wanting to bring out some controversy and drama, but what I will say is, someone who qualifies on pole by a few tenths and is using driving aids, shouldn’t really be using them.

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    So Drifter first of all welcome

    When i heard one of the other drivers talk about how lovely the room is with this lovely couch and is that one of the actual cars from my garage in the background?

    Why yes yes it is


    So anyway lets talk about Nurburgring. First of all congrats on winning both races and secondly how does it feel to potentially be leading the championship?

    First of all thank you and second of all i haven’t seen the points tally yet but i guess it feels great. I mean its only early days so technically anything can happen but i will be pinching myself if i predicted the future now so at the moment it feels great but at the same time i know these things may not last forever so before you know it caderz might be in the lead again.

    Speaking of CrashCaderz we have seen him always doing pretty well?

    Yeah i have notice that most of his finishes have been podiums sooo i really got nothing else to say bout that.

    Lets go over the topic that has sort of been going through the paddock and thats the use of driving aids. What is your take on them?

    So i know that it’s kinda of a bad habit of any driver to have including me as i go from saying a DP (Daytona Prototype) or a GT car to a V8 Supercar and just leave it on but when the other drivers see someone using it the reaction is that they shouldn’t be using it or turn it off or something. Anyway i guess my pov is that it’s kinda up to drivers choice to use it but who am I too judge.

    So lets talk about Monza. last year you were in the Merc and this year your in the nissan.

    Yes pointing out the obvious get to the point.

    it is also the sight of some really strong battle between you and SDR driver Scav3nger. do you think we could see something like that again?

    I know he is probably already preparing for that considering from that exchange last year he already knows what might happen but i’m prepared to not make the same mistake i did last year. but its also a new round structure which would probably either a) put me near him or b) be at the very far back so i’ll wait until we get there to find out.

    Also before you go do we expect a inter team battle with the nissans like last year with RRM?

    Maybe but i will encourage it after all sure we may be teammates but we always have one goal and that is to be in first so we shall see.

    Thank you for your time and good luck.

    No probs guys



    As we are walking up pitlane to have a look at some of the teams preparations we see Drifter in his team garage pacing up and down

    So Drifter welcome to Silverstone. How are feeling about todays race?

    The same as i feel every other race nervous however nerves are the lest of my worries now.

    How has been the car due to the change of weather?

    Cool really but nothing different from the British summer climate sooo yeah

    Last year Silverstone was the opening round which decided which two people who would go on to fight for the championship. With it now being a triple stint round how do you feel honestly?

    I still remember lats years Silverstone race. I remeber being in the same pit garage as i was with the Merc. I also remember that Caderz won the first race and I won the reverse grid race but enough of reminiscing too answer your question its just like Hockenheim where yes if you roll the dice very well you could potentially win a race however if the dice is read wrong you could have a very shitty race that could affect your race outcome.

    How are your teammates preparing for today as well?

    Well they both been hitting the sims and of course they have been practising kinda but we are hoping that all three cars have a chance at some point hopefully grab a podium if not we will refocus for the next round

    Well its not long till enduro season have you got any plans for any pre race stuff?

    Maybe i will. Maybe i wont. Honestly i dont know i mean i know i gotta do some 24 hours of le man but thats next week. ummm i dont have any plans so its a i guess its a wait and see thing.

    Hopefully today goes well for you Drifter i wish you the best of luck

    Cheers guys



    Mid Season Report: Aus-Gear Motorsport

    Caderz how would you describe the first half of the season for you and the team?
    It’s been great so far, To have only missed one race from being on the podium has been vital for my championship and getting those points, even when we didn’t have the fastest cars in some of the rounds. To have clean swept last round has put me in a good position but there is still a long way to go and the championship can take a turn very quickly so the team and I aren’t gonna relax until it’s finished. Another highlight has been The Doc and his win at silverstone, he worked hard for that and deserved that one so i was happy for him to get a win.

    How has the team performance as a whole been with The Doc?
    The Doc has really been helpful and is doing a really good job. We share some idea’s and setup information before each round and it helps a lot to get the car speed. We are really working well as a team and it showing as we are currently leading the constructors championship so we have to keep going.

    Now that you have a buffer in the championship mid way through the season, what will be your approach to the second half of the season? The approach will be doing the same thing the team has done in the first half, win races or finish on the podium if the win is not there. Consistency is important in any championship and i know there’s still a long way to go so damage limitation is what i’ll be focusing on.



    Scav3nger, thanks for joining us again, a bit of a disappointing round in the Alps. What went wrong?

    Ah well, it was just one of those rounds you know, unfortunately you’re going to have a bad one eventually and this happened to be it for me. Qualifying Race was a shocker, had contact with Dragon that accidentally put him in the pits, so we ended up starting way down. Race 1 wasn’t too bad, just struggled for a bit of pace early on as I hadn’t had much practice heading into the round, car was a bit understeery at the bottom of the hill and oversteery at the top so it wasn’t the best package overall. Paid the price for the lack of practice in Race 2, got caught out by the bump heading on to the dam, speared me straight into the wall.

    There’s quite an alarming gap growing in both the drivers and teams championships. Are you getting concerned at all?

    I think we’ve admitted at this point we just don’t have the package to keep up with the Aus Gear and FEISAR guys overall. We can match them in some places but there’s just not enough there for us this year. Unless we get some luck later in the year I don’t think we’ll be in the hunt.

    If you’re out of the running who do you put your money on? Aus Gear or FEISAR?

    Hard to say, both have done well so far this year, and their lead drivers have been getting the occasional look at parts or all of some of the circuits we’re visiting in other series. I’d have to say that it’s Aus Gear’s and Caderz’s championships to lose at this point, but it’s still early and we’ve still got double points for the Bathurst race to come so it could change.

    Going back to speaking of luck, a good result for the team at Bathurst would do you well wouldn’t it?

    Haha yes, the problem is we’ve got to keep a close gap for the points advantage to be of any use. We’re almost 300 points behind already so it could easily be over 500 by the time we arrive at the mountain.

    Caderz mentioned that he’ll be focusing on damage limitation for the second half of the season if a win is not available. Do you think he’s heading into caution mode too early?

    I don’t think so, he’s got the lead, and it’s a healthy lead after the Alps so he’s got a buffer to work with. The largest lead we’ve seen all season between himself and Drifter so he’s definitely attained the psychological advantage at this point.

    Have you selected what team colours you’ll be running for the Enduro Cup?

    We have and we’ll be deploying new chassis for both cars while we’re at it. You’ll have to wait until after Yas Marina before we reveal it though. We’ll be running the cars at Circuit of the America’s to make sure everything’s in check.

    Alright well we look forward to that, see you in a few weeks time for Yas Marina.

    No worries guys, cheers.



    CrashCaderz retro livery for Road America the Ashes Motorsport livery from the 2012 RGL V8 Supercars Series.

    Don’t know how i designed and went with this awful livery. Maybe it was a 14 year old that didn’t know how to design 😛

    If the pic aint there use this link –

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