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CANZ Muscle Car Masters [Official Thread]
I'm gonna switch to Holden Monaro GTS
Which cars were in the top three/four in the first two races? I may give one of them a try to either confirm I am totally shit at driving these type of cars, or that my choices so far (unique to everyone else) are cars that need some adjustments.

Also I think we need to state clearly the idea of this series as many of us may have gone into this expecting clean racing like a normal series. I am happy with going down the clean racing path, but what made this series successful was the idea that you could go out and smash each other up a bit......
I just think we need to introduce competition cautions at 33% and 66% mark of the race to give cars that have been put out a chance to get back into the mix and cause more mess. After my spin I knew what Chaos' gameplan was but couldn't catch back up to the rest of the pack after that. So if we have a 12 lap race have a caution at 4 laps and 8 laps and essentially have 3 derby sessions of 3 laps each. For a smaller race, say, 8 laps, have it at 50% and just have one caution.
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The reason I didn't get into trouble is because I skipped off (until I made some mistakes and got dragged back), once I was back in a pack I don't think there was a car I didn't hit haha
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The XB goes alright Zoolu. Give it a go.
Car #18 of woebegone6 has had a livery change for remainder of series

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