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Full Version: CANZ SC|19 Championship Series
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This thread is for registration and discussion for the CANZ SC|19 Championship Series.

18 Rounds. 42 Races. Boatloads of points!

Please remember to note requirements regarding team names and verified TEC entries as per the regulations:
Quote:2.1 Team Entitlements Contract (TEC):

CANZ employs a system of TEC’s. TEC’s represent the ability for independent or privateer teams to form recognised teams for the CANZ championship season and compete for the teams championship. Any new member of the CANZ Racing Community will enter as a privateer unless joining a team with an existing TEC.

Important details to note:
(a) Teams can be created at any time, but the TEC must be in place prior to commencement of a championship.
(b) Only one TEC is required for a team to compete in championships on any game as long as the team name remains the same. Any change to a TEC registered team name in-season will result in a loss of all points for that team.
© Sale of a TEC is strictly against the rules (anyone who experiences or hears of another party attempting to sell a TEC for any payment, especially real money, should contact a member of administration immediately).
(d) TEC’s must be unique and cannot be based on realistic team names or those from other racing games (i.e. Red Bull Racing, Triple 8, Auricom, etc) this includes derivative teams inspired by these teams. Real life branding is permitted in liveries but team names must be unique.

Registrations (in order of registration):
#17 Scav3nger - Second Degree Racing (TEC-SDR) - #22 Holden Commodore
#1 CrashCaderz - AusGear Motorsport (TEC-AGM) - TBA
#55 Woebegone6 - TBA - TBA
#111 BretleyS - TBA - TBA
#2 MRN3Drifter - FEISAR - #78 Nissan Altima
Time to dust of the cobwebs
#1 CrashCaderz - AusGear Motorsports - CarTBA
#55 Woebegone6- TBA - CarTBA
#111 BretleyS TBA / TBA
Long last guys.
Hope to make a return this year.
Welcome back man, good to see you again! Could be an interesting season if we see you on track this year Big Grin
#2 MRN3Drifter - FEISAR - #78 Nissan Altima

I think it's time the rivalry finally continues
Uhm it’s been a while the last Forza I played was 5 lol.
Which one are we using this year.
(01-04-2019, 01:23 AM)JustBrad Wrote: [ -> ]Uhm it’s been a while the last Forza I played was 5 lol.
Which one are we using this year.

Forza Motorsport 7 Smile
Was running late from footy training got on about 9:30 guess there wasn’t enough people to race
Yeah I was online at 9, I could see Drifter was online but couldn't see Woebe or anyone else on.