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Full time drive comes to an end
The time has finally come for me to retire from full time driving in the CANZ community, which will come into effect at the end of 2016.

While I wanted to go "part time" for this year by not racing the main series on Project Cars, I felt numbers weren't high enough and the series itself wasn't the best suited for doing live commentary via spectator mode for video replays.

I now have other projects I wish to pursue properly, rather than skimming the surface of them because I spend too much time in other areas. It so happens that for me, while I enjoy racing online with everyone, if I had to choose between CANZ or Rocket League/social nights, the latter wins out. My new projects are more important to me to pursue at this stage in my life, so CANZ has to make way for this. Some of these projects are directly to do with TSG, while much of my time will be dedicated to personal projects.

Unlike many who have come and gone (essentially disappeared and never heard from again), I wanted to write this post out of respect to everyone who has been a part of the RGL, ORC and now CANZ community of racers, who have contributed not only by taking part in races, but also helping in a number of other areas as well. While the year isn't over and you will be seeing me on track for the remainder of the rounds, I preferred that everyone was aware of this now, rather than dropping it at the end of the season.

In 2017, I will still play a part in CANZ, assisting with stewarding as requested and possibly being a wild card entry for endurance rounds. I would also take part in the occasional social night of racing if there are any (seem to be not doing them so much these days).  As mentioned, I will continue with Rocket League and our other social gaming nights - so I am not disappearing totally, just hanging up the racing suit so to speak.

I do hope we see more of you stepping up and being more involved (thanks hyboi for the Bathurst round article, Caderz for his videos and those helping run support series) to assist Scav3nger and hopefully see CANZ grow a bit more each year.
This is super sad to see you move on from full time racing.

Hopefully we can give you a going away championship with the v8's.

Look forward to working with you in the future to help make this community great.
Thanks hyboi, hopefully we can do well for the rest of the season and finish off with a trophy in the cabinet so to speak for Moobie Madness.

I hope some of my work will help grow TSG and CANZ and if my other projects are successful, perhaps a return would be on the cards, but from where I sit now, that is a long way off.
thanks for the memories Zoolu. Been great racing with you over the past few years. Looking forward to working with you in the near future with other projects you are planning.

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