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Season awards
Had a thought that we could come up with some awards that are earned at the end of each Soccar Championship season for various achievements.


The Scott Sterling Award - given to the player with the most saves at the end of the Home and Away season.

Other awards could be for:
most goals scored
best and fairest for the player with the most MVP's won and highest player value.
Striker award - most shots on goal

etc etc - essentially an award for each of the stats tracked.

The main thing is to come up with names for each award, such as the example I gave above.

If you can think of any post below!
Players choice award to... all players vote 3,2,1 points other players they believe was best on field, this is to show reconision from your piers. You can't vote for yourself or people on your team. Voting would be secret of course..
This can either be done for every game, after every night or end of season.

Depending on how the voting is done you can set up a small stream or PodCast award night reading out points like they do for the Brownlow, and in between reading different rounds ect you can announce other awards, show highlights ect, have players give speeches ect, could be something that may attract new players.

Other award suggestions :
most under rated for season - (player we all thought was crap but shines like the sun)
Biggest under performer - (any player not living up to there price tag)
Best goal - (players to submit video of goal)
Rookie of the year - (for new to the league)
I like the idea of doing the vote for best and fairest player, but we would need to simplify it. We would also be relying on people to remember to do it. Perhaps like the AFL coaches award, the captains vote for each match, rating each player 6-1 or stick with 3-1. So eg.

Marauders vs Devil's

z00lu votes:
Chaos - 3 (Marauders)
SillyOlMate - 2 (Devil's)
Deadx - 1 (Devil's)

Deadx votes:
Chaos - 3 (Marauders)
SillyOlMate - 2 (Devil's)
Z00lu - (Marauders)

Or the same but rate all players. Captains can submit votes via a form setup for each round which will also track scores etc.

I do like the idea of our version of a brownlow night but perhaps see if we can get a reliable voting sytem up.

Perhaps the rookie of the year award could be called Rockateer, or Rookieteer....

Definitely best goal but only eligible if you submit a video. Maybe a Bullshit award for best bullshit goal scored, again eligible only with video submission.....
Sounds good
Throw the classic 'most improved' in there, player believed by organisers to show the most improvement over the season.
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