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CoD Infinite Warfare
Interesting discussion coming out of NeoGaf for Infinite Warfare, apparently there's going to be pay-to-win elements to gun crafting.

Quote:To craft the best (Epic) version of a gun, you need 5840 salvage (200, then 540, then 1600, then 3500). Assuming you get 10 salvage every game (and that's probably not happening), you need to play 584 games. A COD match takes anywhere between 7-15 minutes to complete - assuming 10 minutes per game, that's 97 hours to complete one gun.

Because that takes some dedication, there is an alternative! You can give Activision a thousand dollars and hope that the Supply Drop RNG loot boxes give you the goods! Supply drops were already horrible in Black Ops 3, because all new guns were put into them, but now they are giving you better versions of guns that are already there. This game also has map pack DLC, so they are getting greedier than ever.

So combine the regular entry price for the game, or the price for the pack if you want CoD4 Remastered, plus the DLC/Season Pass, and the Supply Drops microtransactions, mash it all together and you get a very messy game that says to me that if I wanted to get a first person shooter this year I'd not buy CoD:IW.
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I watched some beta gameplay and it looks like a watered down version of BO3. You have to be a brainwashed fanboy to buy this
Better versions of guns that you get from luck is one of the reasons I hated AW.
I'm getting the game for MW. I mean, I'll play IW but with Rocket League and BF1 I don't think I'll play to much of IW.
I'll get it but pretty much for Modern Warfare as Al said. Not a lot of interest in IW really
Eventually they'll release MW separate so you won't need to get IW to play it, that's when I'll get MW. I have zero interest in IW.
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Turns out I didn't have to pay for it after all as I was gifted it as a family Kris Kringle. Still getting used to playing the maps again but not doing too bad so far.

As for infinite warfare it gives a great comparison as to how different CoD is now to back then, and a nine year old game is still so much better. Only thing is that quick scoping wasn't around until MW2, but it is very prevalent in CoD4 which has changed the way games/maps are played now. The Bog map is now a sniper zone and hard to get anywhere quickly if you are more a run and gun player.

I could run off a list of games I would buy if I had the time and money, but for now my gaming collection is complete.

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