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2015 Bathurst 1000 Prediction Comp
(10-07-2015, 09:43 AM)x06 The Doc 06x Wrote: QUALIFYING & PRACTICE:

Pole position (3p): Chaz Mostert
Last place (5p): Ambrose/Pye
Fastest lap time in practice across all sessions (2p): Fabian Coulthard


What lap will the first safety car appear on (not including a start under the safety car) (4p): 30
Who will be involved in the first crash (can be a single car crash) (5p): All girls car in the fence at the cutting
How many Safety Cars will occur across the whole race (5p): 4
Who will set the fastest lap of the race (3p): SVG
How long will the race run for (hours and minutes) (3p): 6:33
Who will be the first to retire from the race (3p): The Russell Brothers WC
How many DNF's will there be (4p): 6
Which team (ie FPR, Red Bull, Tekno) will be the first to stuff up a pit stop, includes driver stalling the car (6p): LDM - stall in first stop
How many laps will the "all girls" team last (5p): 30
How many ad breaks will there be in the Free-to-air coverage (from the start of the race, to completion of the final lap) - (3p): I get none anyway so I don't care
Will the SuperBlack entry achieve a better result than last year? (1p): No
Who will win (5p): Me, but otherwise Tander/Luff
Podium positions (name the three teams on the podium in order - must be exact) (10p): Tander/Luff, Whincup/Dumbrell, Mclaughlin/Premat  (So long as they don't get issues all race again 
[Image: rrmsig_zpslkmqwh3b.png]
I will tally these results by tomorrow night hopefully. If I do and there isn't an outright winner, I'll sort out a smaller prediction comp for Gold Coast 600. Thanks goes for to scav for compiling the answers.
didn't the girls crash at forest elbow?
Ok so the results are in - better late than never. In some cases I have awarded points based on the level of accuracy such as podiums. Rather than give out all zeros, if someone picked one of the teams but not in the exact position, they would get points based on how close they were to getting it exactly right. EG. Someone picks Lowndes/Richards to finish 3rd, they get a few points, while someone who picked them to come first received more points. That all aside, the results are final and I did give Alsimo points for the question regarding the endurance of the super girl team as they did get to the checkered flag, but Hunter got the full points for almost nailing the lap count with 120 instead of 121.

Here are the results:

1. Woebe - 12.5 points
2. The Doc - 11 points
3. Hunter - 10.5 points
4. Alsimo/Scav - 9.5 points
5. z00lu/Drifter - 4 points

In summary, Alsimo should have followed through on his prediction of the winner putting Lowndes and co on the podium instead of AFL teams - this would have possibly made all the difference. And finally both myself and Drifter should never gamble.....

Woebe receives the title of "King of the Mountain" as well as the ability to contribute to the 2016 series for CANZ with some track selections!

Next time we will have some additional predictions and I will work on my questions so that everyone is able to answer them consistently, as some were a bit ambiguous....

thanks for taking part.

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