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Pre-season night?
Anyone up for a rocket league pre-season night tonight, no records kept, just play games and have fun with your new teams?
Not sure enough people would have enough notice to make it on tonight, but I'll probably jump on for a couple of hours anyway if anyone's interested in a few pickup games.
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ill jump in
May as well try this again this Tuesday as missing player numbers are going to be too high this week to start the comp.
I'll be there
I'll need to know ASAP if season is not starting this week as if that's the case I'll use that night to practice GT3 instead ready for Wednesday, I was willing to fore go it for game night but if it's only social night I really need to practice instead.
(11-06-2016, 12:15 PM)Clasfied Hunter Wrote: I'll need to know ASAP

Consider it known then Smile
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No probs...cheers scav

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