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Looking for a team :)
New to the website keen to play in tournaments if anyone needs a player Smile
Hey Murpho, first up welcome!

Is your gamer tag the same as your username here on the forum? Assuming you are on XBL? We may yet have PC players getting involved so need to double check.

At this stage teams are full but subs are needed nearly every week so you will get some matches no doubt. Also looking to run some social matches this Tuesday from about 9pm which is a great opportunity to jump on and meet most of us involved
My man Smile
Hey mate thanks Smile yeh gamer tag is murpho93 Smile happy to fill in if games arnt heaps late Smile sounds really good !! Haha chaos yeh boi
Hey Murpho, welcome to TSG and the Soccar Championships. As z00lu has already mentioned we're running a social night tomorrow night so if you're free you should definitely jump on and hit up a few games with the crew!
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Thanks man yeh that sounds good I'll be on tomorrow night Smile what time will you guys be on ?
Some of us will start hopping on around 8:30, should start properly by about 9pm (AEDT)
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Awesome thanks Smile

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