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The Unofficial 2v2 Untitled Tournament
Hey everyone!

Welcome back to TSG in 2017, we hope you all had a safe and happy new year and are now ready to dive back into proceedings!

We're starting 2017 off with an unofficial 2v2 tournament open to Xbox One and PC players. The aim here is to test the waters in cross-play environments surrounding communications when organising events through the use of our Discord server. This competition will also seek to test the viability of running a 2v2 competition over maintaining our previous 3v3 format. There a couple of changes I will outline below but it should be noted the change will only occur should we find the overall competition runs smoother as a 2v2 than it did in its 3v3 format.

For this tournament we won't be running a salary cap as it is not an official tournament but will be making an effort to organise balanced teams internally based off the registrations. Competition length will be determined by the number of registrations and the number of teams we're able to assemble from those registrations. Where possible we'll do our best to ensure players are grouped with players on the same platform though we must emphasise this may not be 100% possible.

The main details:
Format: 2v2 Round Robin with elimination finals
Number of teams: To be determined
Matchplay format: 2-weeks-on-1-week-off, week break before finals
Number of players per team: 2
Substitutes: None (the two players assigned to the team must play or postpone their game to the next off week or the finals break)

Players interested in "Captaincy" (basically picking your own team name) should indicate as such in their registration, captains will be added as needed on a first-come-first-served basis.

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I forgot to mention, registrations will close at the start of Feb (probably the 3rd so we have the weekend to sort out teams).
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As per discussions in admin chat, my role for this ideally is to stream/capture/commentate approx two matches per week that are played on Tuesday nights. Therefore, unless numbers are low, I won't be competing.
That's actually something I forgot to mention. Most games for this are intended to be played on Monday nights with feature matches to be played on Tuesday as per z00lu's post above regarding coverage. When they are played on Monday's is not really of much concern as long as screenshots of the match results are captured and sent through to either z00lu or myself.
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This interest me, so sign me up
Thanks deadx, added to the roster.
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Alsimo in
Workingdoodoo in
I'll sign up
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Sign me up!
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I'm in

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