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Rocket League social - Tue 18th Jan
For those that may have missed the post on Discord, here is the details for tomorrow nights social:

If we get 6 players
  •  3v3 in standard, random teams each match
If we get 7 players
  • I spectate/stream/commentate said matches above
If we get 8 players
  • two lobbies of 2v2 (bit of a look in at the upcoming competition)
If we get 9 players
  • I will once again spectate one lobby for a few matches, then a few in the other lobby
If we get 10 players
  • 1 x 3v3 lobby, 1 x 2v2 lobby
If we get 11 players
  • as per previous odd numbered options using 10 player set up
If we get 12 players
  • 1 x 3v3 in standard, 1 x 3v3 in rumble (optional if all want to play standard
See how we go - last check I think we have the following players;

Just FYI, tomorrow is the 17th, Wednesday is the 18th Tongue
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