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2019 Changes to CANZ Regulations
Hey all,

The following changes are being made to the regulations in preparation for 2019. Please familiarise yourselves with the changes to avoid any confusion.

Section 1.2 Eligible Competitors

Racing is open to any driver regardless of skill level. Appropriate competitions for all skill levels are available. While eligibility is open to all drivers, application fees (in the form of Screwed Gamers Points) may apply.

Section 2.1 Team Entitlement Contracts (TEC's)

CANZ employs a system of TEC’s. TEC’s represent the ability for independent or privateer teams to form recognised teams for the CANZ championship season and compete for the teams championship. Any new member of the CANZ Racing Community will enter as a privateer unless joining a team with an existing TEC. Please view the following link for a list of teams with current TEC's.

C) Only one TEC is required for a team to compete in championships on any game as long as the team name remains the same. Any change to a TEC registered team name in-season will result in a loss of all points for that team.
E) TEC's must be unique and cannot be based on realistic team names (i.e. Red Bull Racing, Triple 8, Force India, etc) this includes derivative teams inspired by these real life teams. Real life branding is permitted in liveries but team names must be unique.

3.1 Competitor Responsibilities:

It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure full compliance with the regulations of a series, check the series specific regulations in the appropriate thread(s) to ensure these regulations are met. check the series specific regulations on the Screwed Gamers website to ensure these regulations are met.

4.3 Grid Positions:

Each grid position shall be decided on lap times set in qualifying session(s), with the fastest driver being placed on pole position and the remainder in order of qualifying times unless race-specific ruling (such as reverse grid) override this rule. If two or more drivers record equal lap times the first driver to record the time shall take precedence unless handled otherwise by game software. Grid position penalities may also be applied from previous rounds which may affect starting positions from any qualifying session(s).

Section 5.3 Points System:

1.       230
2.       200
3.       180
4.       160
5.       140
6.       120
7.       100
8.       90
9.       80
10.   70
11.   60
12.   50
13.   40
14.   30
15.   20
16.   10
17.   5 for every position further

6.4 Penalty Types:
Penalties are handed out in the following categories:
A) Points penalty from the drivers’ championship points
B) Points penalty from the drivers’ SGP bank (aka a fine)
B) Grid position penalty (where possible)
C) Exclusion from qualifying at the next event
D) Exclusion from the following round.
Exclusions will only be handed out in the most extreme of cases or in the event of repeat offenders.
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