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Thursday January 31st Pre-Season Testing
Hey everyone,

Given this year is the first year we are able to open the CANZ Championship Series on Forza to PC players there's a bit of testing that needs to be done. As a resident PC and Xbox player I would like to organise a few test nights between now and season start to make sure any PC players that wish to join will be able to do so and maintain our previous levels of community engagement (pre/post race discussion and in-race communication).

The first such test will be on January 31st. I will commence lobby hosting on PC at 8:30pm AEDT and will be prepared with the following methods of communication:
Xbox App running on PC
In-Game voice chat on PC

Xbox One party
Xbox One In-Game voice chat

Based on previous experiments I'm fairly confident everything will work fine, but better to test and be sure. Plus I'll get some footage out of it!

See you on the 31st!
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Hey sorry I didn’t realise this was happening (probably should check the forums more)

Anyway I’ve reinstalled forza 7 and keen on another social nignt

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