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Miraculous Doctor Farmer's Daughter: Buy a Husband to Farm
"You know?" Jiang Yan ran way, "today is your birthday, why kill?"? I've had the palace thoroughly cleaned. Am I talking about the thing itself? What I'm saying is that you should be indifferent to others and seduce me! Do you still love me or not! This is Yan Yunjin's childish questioning from the bottom of his heart. Why did Jiang Yan ran let that woman go! Chapter 1529 Jiang Yanran and Yan Yunjin (1). "Let's not mention this disappointing thing first," said Jiang Yan ran. "No, you have to make things clear first." "I don't want to see the gift I gave you?" Jiang Yan ran raised her eyebrows. Then naturally.. I want to see it. Yan Yunjin did not show weakness on his lips: "If you must let me look at it, I will try my best to look at it." However, his eyes were already fixed on her, full of expectations for his gift. In fact, he did not quite believe this woman's lies, and Yan Yunjin was very self-aware about the fact that he had been eaten to death by her. But if she didn't prepare a gift, would she be a gift? Yan Yunjin has already made up a hundred situations. He is not demanding, give him three days, she can listen to him completely. Yes, that's settled! Jiang Yan ran looked at his eyes more and more hot, smiled slightly, and pushed the flowerpot in front of him in the past: "Here, this is the gift." Yan Yunjin gave a "hum" and said with an expression of "I knew it was like this": "Is it perfunctory to me? No If you don't make him happy today,Mechanical fine screen, you must take good care of her, and you will never forget it. The first charge is that he forgot his birthday, and the second is that he released a woman who had an attempt on him and committed a heinous crime. This flower is called Sansheng Flower. Jiang Yan ran slowly opened his mouth. The meaning of three lives? Yan Yunjin was immediately happy, but quickly cleared his throat, "You must have given it a name, and just now." "Indeed it is." Yan Yunjin:.. Jiang Yan ran! Is it so hard to coax him? Jiang Yan ran: "Well,fine bubble diffuser, I'm here.". This is raised with blood, in order to completely detoxify the poison on your body, I began to cultivate from a long time ago, did not expect to blossom today, perhaps it is an act of God. Yan Yunjin froze, "detoxification?" He has long forgotten this matter, after all, for so many years, with her around, even if there are occasional attacks of toxicity, but also with her around, and did not suffer much. Even later, Wall Penstocks ,MBR reactor, the fool actually felt that Jiang Yan ran was particularly nervous when he was poisoned, and that he was obedient to him, which was also very good? Jiang Yan ran gave him a white look: "Why, don't you want to detoxify?" "I'm glad you've been thinking about it." Yan Yunjin sat down and hugged her. I didn't see that you were happy. Do you still want to do whatever you want with poison hair? Jiang Yan ran had seen through what he was thinking. She really did not understand what kind of existence she was that could make him ask for pleasure in bed when he was in great pain, which was euphemistically called relieving pain. She's not medicine. Yan Yunjin laughed and came over to rub against her without shame, like a big dog pleasing its master. I don't think so. Even if the detoxification, I am also your husband, we two that what, is not perfectly justified? Didn't all your saints say. "Come on." "All right, all right," said Yan Yunjin in a flattering tone, "I know you are well-intentioned to me. Tell me, how did this Sansheng flower come from? Grown in the snow? Snow water is not the same as rain water? Tut-tut, that's a lot of fastidiousness. Jiang Yan ran:.. It's not snow, it's blood. Yan Yunjin looked at the blackened soil in the flowerpot and smelled a faint fishy smell. Is it watered by blood? He murmured, suddenly frantically grabbed Jiang Yan ran's two arms, rolled up his sleeves and looked at them carefully. Seeing no sign of the imagined injury, he began to undress her again. Jiang Yan ran gave him a push and frowned. "What are you thinking about?"? Am I stupid enough to use my own blood? Yan Yunjin did not believe it, and his voice trembled a little: "You are the most hard-mouthed and soft-hearted. You grew up with Mrs. Su and learned her style.". Would you use someone else's blood? You won't! You can't do anyone. "I won't use other people's blood." I knew it.

"Yan Yunjin eyes are red, pick up the flowerpot to smash," I want this antidote to do what! This is your blood, I.. "Don't go crazy." Jiang Yan ran to protect the flowerpot, "that's not my blood!"! I only told you to use blood. Who told you to use human blood? Yan Yunjin:.. Ture He relaxed. Jiang Yan ran also let go of his hand and looked at him in disgust: "Of course.". Are you thinking too much again? Yan Yunjin felt a little embarrassed: "I thought, maybe I have to use the blood of someone close to me.". And we are the closest. Jiang Yan ran snorted: "I will not be so stupid.". How painful that is. If I could use sunflower water, I might consider doing that with nausea. Yan Yunjin:.. Jiang Yan ran, today is my birthday! Can you say a few words to make me happy, less meat or less blood? What Madame once told me, I tell you now. The blood, essence, and flesh of man are of no use above medicine. Therefore, when someone comes to you with this slander, kill him and do not commit iniquity. Jiang Yan ran light way. Yan Yunjin looked at her with a serious face and said, ".." Are you afraid that I will practice the elixir of life? I'm not that stupid. In the history of the Central Plains, there was an emperor who, in order to practice the elixir of immortality, harmed the lives of many children and young girls. Yan Yunjin also knew that. That's what it means. "What are you afraid of?" Asked Yan Yunjin with a smile? When you're by my side, how can you let those little girls take advantage of it? "The world is impermanent, tomorrow and accident, who comes first." Yan Yunjin covered her mouth and gnashed her teeth to remind her again: "Jiang Yan ran,multi disc screw press, today is my birthday." When he let go of his hand, Jiang Yan ran said, "I naturally hope you live a long life. I'm talking about myself.." "Then you will live to be ninety-eight years old and die on the same day as me!" 。

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