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Love at first sight, wear it.
The noise made by Xiang Hua before was so loud that it alarmed many other people. As soon as Li Mo heard that the accident was Lin Wanting's hot spring, he ran out in a hurry, regardless of anything else. Ah, there's a thief! I didn't expect someone to take things in disorder, and the girls screamed. Hearing this, she hurriedly ran out, but unexpectedly it happened to bump into Li Mo head-on. She was so concerned about catching the thief that she felt nothing, but Li Mo was so angry with her that he breathed fire. 001 wanted to run past Li Mo, but she didn't want to stay at all. However, when she passed by Li Mo, Li Mo suddenly reached out and grabbed her tightly. Not only that, this is not the same as usual, Li Mo actually directly hid 001 in his arms. This startled 001, so she paused for a moment and was held firmly in her arms by Li Mo. But what greeted 001 was Li Mo's exasperated reprimand, which surrounded her in an overwhelming way. Lin Wanting, what are you thinking?! How could you come out dressed like that? Naturally, I will not feel that there is anything wrong with this posture, or that there is anything indescribable. In fact, if Li Mo hadn't just come over,wall penstocks, 001 would have wanted to open the big bed directly to pick up things. But since Li Mo came over, then she can not do this, can only use the method of the female on the earth. 001 felt that she was really witty, and she couldn't help praising herself in her heart. But Li Mo seemed to be hit by something, and the whole person stood frozen in place and could not move. Look, I see it! Li Mo seemed to have been boiled by boiling water, and it was boiling hot. His eyes were so straight that he looked at him in a daze, and his blood rushed to the top of his head,rapid sand filters, forgetting to remove his eyes. Do not know how long, Li Mo finally reacted to come over, he immediately rushed to reach out to pull down the inch shirt to help Lin Wanting cover. This is Li Mo's instinctive reaction, and I do not know whether he is too eager or flustered, he pushed things into a worse situation, but also made his situation more difficult. Before just looking at it, Li Mo's heart was beating as if it was going to jump out, and the whole person was about to be boiled, but now it is their own zero distance contact. Li Mo felt his brain crashed, his heart seemed to have stopped beating, and his whole body was about to explode with a bang. The unusual touch finally made 001 look up at Li Mo, but her movement was more convenient for Li Mo. Li Mo:!!! His eyes blurred and his face flushed, which was an instinctive reaction of his body that he could not help himself. But there was a drop of sweat on Li Mo's forehead dripping down his handsome face, rapid sand filters ,lamella tube, which made the young man with a touch of strange sexy. Li Mo's face is tolerant, which makes 001 frightened, do not know how he suddenly became like this. Regardless of the abnormality of her body, she quickly climbed up, and Li Mo's hand finally left. Li Mo, what's wrong with you? 001 eagerly walked up to Li Mo and asked. The living things on the earth are extremely fragile in 001's heart. 001 is worried that Li Mo will die if he doesn't pay attention to it for a while. Although Li Mo is now in this state, it is not much better than hanging. He was stimulated by today, like a little virgin who had never seen an action movie, and was directly hit by a home run. Li Mo's reaction was slow. He looked at 001, but his eyes had no focus at all. Ah, ah, I'm fine. Li Mo looked at 001 like a ghost, but he didn't look like he was all right at all. 001 could not help frowning, although she felt a little annoyed, there are too many male things on the earth, she needs to take good care of. But she is also a good general who cares for the weak, so 001 patiently pulled Li Mo to the sofa and sat down to pour him a glass of water. 001 when leaving, Li Mo Leng Leng lowers his head, looking at his hand that has never changed its posture, Li Mo devilishly lowers his head and sniffs it gently.

It seems a little sweet. I don't know how it tastes? The brain suddenly crossed the idea, but Li Mo's whole person seemed to have been struck by thunder. What was he doing just now? What was he thinking? Completely like a sex freak. Li Mo has no way to accept such a self, and he heard the footsteps of 001, but like a guilty thief in general, quickly hid his hand behind his back. Li Mo face serious, no different color in the face of 001, calmly reached for the cup to take over. However, his hand behind his back could not help rubbing it gently, and he could not forget the smooth and soft touch, which made him enjoy it. And Li Mo was really thirsty, so he drank a big mouthful of water. Li Mo, I'm sorry. This dress should have been returned to you. But I forgot to bring my pajamas, and I put them on because I thought they were good pajamas. The words of 001 made Li Mo, who had just drunk a big mouthful of water, choke out immediately, and he coughed badly. This made 001stop talking immediately, and she quickly got up and sat down beside Li Mo, gently stroking his back. But the action of 001 seems to stimulate Li Mo even more, let him avoid, the whole person appears to be more embarrassed. Li Mo coughed and could not speak at all, but he waved his hand repeatedly and wanted 001 to leave. She looked at him doubtfully, but she was always obedient, so she sat a little farther away from Li Mo. After the fragrance belonging to 001 was far away from him, Li Mo felt that he could breathe, otherwise,rotary vacuum disc filters, the tumbling emotions in his heart would overwhelm him. However, after Li Mo finally calmed down a little, he looked up and a fire went straight to his head.

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