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Acura Female Doctor: Abandoned Women with Babies Are Arrogant
Followed others all the way, picked up the leak all the way, very not easy, in the prediction may be in danger, Gu Changsheng waved his sleeve, to get rid of others, but this box just got rid of not long ago, the eyes are about to come to a meeting is not? Yu Qingqiu's face was pale. With the help of Elder Yu and Yu Zhangzhu, the speed of escape was not slow. They were followed by some people from the hermit family, as well as the closing general of Yanmen Pass, Gadatu! And more people, those who followed Gadatu, were left far behind! Strength is not good, this really can not blame others! Gu Changsheng shook his head, a face of regret! Soon, the hermit family and Gadatu, who had fled in panic, met them face to face as Gu Changsheng had expected! See the moment of Gu Changsheng and Zhou Mu hiding behind the big stone, the face of the hermit family, it becomes particularly strange up. "Why are you here?" Yu Qingqiu one hand, tied with a thick white cloth, above also stained with some blood, a face of surprise uncertain looking at Gu Changsheng and Zhou Mu, exclaimed. Yu Qingqiu this opening, immediately broke the calm, the original still lingering palpitations of the people, instantly forgot what kind of escape is, a burning eyes, immediately to the direction of Gu Changsheng and Zhou Mu looked over! Being stared at by so many people,disc air diffuser, seeing that the barbecue could not be eaten, Gu Changsheng curled his mouth, took down the half-pulled rabbit leg that had not been eaten in his mouth, pulled the corners of his mouth across the big stone, and handed it to people, "What, if I say, we are barbecuing here, do you believe it?" Barbecue? Hearing Gu Changsheng's answer, the face of the hermit family suddenly turned a little black. On the contrary, Gadatu,rapid sand filters, who had never seen Gu Changsheng and Zhou Mu, looked puzzled, looked behind him in a panic, turned around the people around him, frowned and asked, "What's wrong?"? Do you know these two people? "Yes!"! It's more than just knowing! And it's a big deal! "" Hearing this, the son of the hermit family, who was asked by Gadatu, immediately gnashed his teeth and replied.
Especially when it comes to the four words "close relationship", the hatred, ah, listening to Gu Changsheng, the victim, is a little creepy! When Gadatu heard this, he immediately nodded his head. "It's good to know each other. Then you can give me a hand and block here!"! What are you waiting for? Waiting for those damn things to catch up? Keep running! Gu Changsheng Wen Yan, looking at Gadatu, eyebrows immediately wrinkled up! Ya, this Yanmenguan Shoujiang speak, is really not polite, what is to let them block a block? Not to mention in the end is to use them as a scapegoat to block what things, Wall Penstocks ,filter nozzle, just say, Ya you said such a natural look, you asked me my opinion? This man, too, Thenima took it for granted! Curl mouth, Gu Changsheng a face of disapproval! And the people of the hermit family heard this, this panicked face, instantly lost blood, facing the cold wind hovering at the bottom of the cliff, one by one anxiously opened their mouths, "escape?"? Where to run? There's a cliff ahead. Where else can we escape? I'm going to die! This is really going to die! "This is really the day to kill us!" "No way out, no way out, we have no way out now." “……” A group of hermit family, one by one a face of sorrow is not greater than the appearance of heart death, completely give up the treatment of the general repeatedly opened his mouth, just cry father called mother! When the people of the hermit family complained and recalled the past waiting for death, Gu Changsheng noticed that the guard of Yanmen Pass, Gadatu, had a different action! A solemn face of Gadatu, although nervous behind the situation, but the movements of his hands did not stop! Tied in the back of a big package opened, a rope, neatly tied to Gu Changsheng hiding on the big stone, see Gu Changsheng and Zhou Mu blocked their movements, Gadatu also anxiously urged, "let!" With these words, he quickly bypassed the big stone in front of Gu Changsheng, and then walked to the edge of the heartbroken cliff! The wind at the bottom of the cliff was blowing the clothes of Gadatu, who was standing on the edge of the cliff. Gadatu, who was climbing the rope, was hunting in the wind, his clothes were flying, and his hair was covered with fur! "Gadatu, what are you going to do?" Finally, immersed in the grief of dying, the hermit family noticed Gadatu's movements and asked.
Standing on the edge of the Heartbroken Cliff, Gadatu frowned and said solemnly, "You want to die, but I won't!"! Didn't you do your homework before you ventured to Forgetful Valley? This is Heartbroken Cliff, the real Jedi! Isn't there an old saying in the Central Plains that you can survive in a desperate situation? If you don't want to die, tie the rope on your body and follow me down the cliff! If you want to die here, we will not stop you! As you wish! So, at the foot of Gadatu, the whole person disappeared in the eyes of the crowd, leaving only the rope tied to the big stone, and the sense of force of falling heavy objects! When the hermit family saw this, they immediately moved closer to the edge of the cliff, leaned forward, looked carefully at the bottom of the cliff, and then looked at each other and hesitated. Down the cliff.. Waiting to die.. There are only two ways for them to go now! However, looking at this steep, bottomless cliff of heartbreak, people's faces, suddenly revealed a touch of desolate smile. Looking at the appearance of Heartbroken Cliff, it doesn't look like there is a way out. However, Gadatu is right, this heartbroken cliff is their only chance of survival and hope! Wait here, only a dead end, and down to the bottom of the cliff, but not necessarily no way out! Bet! A gamble at the cost of life! Several elders of the hermit family just looked at each other for a moment and made a decision! "Tie the rope, all of you, down the cliff!" With a command, only a few children of the hermit family,lamella clarifer, quickly moved up! In front of Gu Changsheng and Zhou Mu, the rope was tied one after another, and soon they were pushed aside by the busy hermit family.

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