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Three palaces, six courtyards and seventy-two imperial concubines
Xue Wuji behaved appropriately, talking and laughing with his father, glancing at Yan Lin occasionally, and then looking away. I have a hunch that this man has great restraint. Jing Hou raised her glass and said, "The Ai family is holding a family banquet here tonight, mainly to arrange the marriage between Lin'er and Xue Weiwei." Yan yuanzong's eyes flashed a trace of unspeakable pain, and his hand clenched the glass. Yan Lin took advantage of everyone's attention to focus on the body after the crystal, stretched out a slender hand mercilessly in my thigh inside, I almost cried out in pain, hurriedly picked up the tea on the table to cover his face, in order to hide the expression of pain. But see Yan Lin a pair of beautiful eyes looking at the crescent moon in the sky, eyes rippling with endless spring. Think of the scene of our lingering death, the heart can not help but be a hot, if such a coquettish beauty hands to Xue Wuji, I do not regret for life. At this time, Jing Hou's eyes turned to our direction. She smiled and said, "This is my baby daughter, Princess Yanlin of Changping. Xue Weiwei should have seen her before. You should know her in the past." Xue Wuji hurriedly stood up from his seat and walked up to Yan Lin. "I've heard so much about Princess Wuji.." he said respectfully. Yan Lin suddenly giggled and said, "You're so funny. You look like a charcoal ball, but you're full of literary flattery. Did your father teach you that?" Xue Wuji never thought that Yan Lin would say such a thing,industrial racking systems, and for a time the scene was awkward to the extreme. My heart secretly comforted, but after listening to Jing, she said angrily, "Liner!"! Don't be rude! Xue Wuji responded quickly and said with a smile, "The queen doesn't have to scold the princess. I think the princess is just playing a joke on me." He came to the prince, the king of Qi and me and saluted one by one in a respectful and modest manner. I gradually put away the heart of underestimate, Xue Wuji this person can bend and stretch,pallet rack shelving, extraordinary. Yan Lin sat down angrily, and if she hadn't had scruples about Jing Hou, she would have left in a huff. Jing Hou said to Xue Anchao with a smile, "Xue Xiangguo, our two families will be in-laws in the future." Xue Anchao laughed and said, "I'm honored to receive the favor of the emperor." He looked at Yan Lin and said, "The nine princesses are pure and lovely, virtuous and virtuous. The fact that the son of a dog can marry the nine princesses is actually a blessing from his previous life." This Xue Anchao's kungfu of lying is really first-class, if Yan Lin is simple and can barely be called, but where can she find the shadow of a little virtuous and virtuous. Xue Anchao took out a sandalwood box from his side and gave it to Xue Wuji, saying, "Since you are engaged today, as a father, you should give the princess a gift." After a pause, metal racking systems ,push back racking system, he added, "Mowgli lost his mother when he was young. This jade hairpin was left by my wife when she was dying. She asked me to give it to his future daughter-in-law when Mowgli marries a wife." The words were full of affection, and all the people present were moved by it. Xue Wuji carefully took the wooden box to Yan Lin. After Yan Lin's cold reception just now, he kept an eye on it this time. The jade hairpin was his dead mother's relic, which was precious to him. Xue Wuji asked with a smile, "Princess, please accept it!" Holding the wooden box firmly in both hands. Jing Hou stared at Yan Lin with a pair of beautiful eyes. Under her gaze, Yan Lin's stubborn eyes finally softened. She reached for the wooden box and put it on the table. She whispered, "Thank you!" Xue Anchao laughed and said, "We'll be a family in the future. Why should we say thank you so politely?" Yan Lin murmured in a low voice: "Later you are you, I am me, who is a family with you!" " Xue Wuji still did not go away, Yan Lin's words heard clearly, the lips could not help twitching. Prince Yan yuanji said with a smile, "Mowgli!"! I will call you brother-in-law in the future! Come on, let's have a toast first! He raised his glass and stood up. Yan yuanzong said with a sneer, "Brother Huang is acting too hastily. As long as they haven't got married yet, they can't call each other that. Liner is still a girl. Brother Huang still needs to consider her feelings." Yan yuanji froze there for a moment, and he never thought that Yan yuanzong, who had always been at peace with the world, would oppose him everywhere today.

It was Xue Wuji who was the first to react. He said with a smile, "Mowgli thanks the prince for his love. It's rare for everyone to be so happy today. Mowgli will do it first." He picked up the glass and drank it down. Yan yuanji took a cold look at King Qi and drank it down. He put the glass heavily on the table and made no secret of his anger at Yan yuanzong. This man is really narrow-minded, and his anger and joy are both visible. Xue Wuji filled his glass again and said to Yan yuanzong, "Your Highness, King Qi, if there is anything wrong with Wuji, please forgive him." He had long seen that Yan yuanzong was targeting him everywhere tonight, so he took the initiative to show good will to Yan yuanzong. This man's mind was quite flexible, and he really deserved to be the son of the prime minister of the Great Qin Dynasty. Yan yuanzong stood up reluctantly and said indifferently, "Since it's the day of engagement, I won't say anything too unpleasant. But I must remind you that if one day you are sorry for Yan Lin, I, the first brother of the emperor, will not let you go!" Xue Wuji smiled awkwardly, and Xue Anchao in the distance looked quite surprised. He obviously did not think that the King of Qi, who had always been cowardly in his impression, had had a sudden change. Jing Hou's beautiful eyes flashed a trace of appreciation, and what she was looking forward to was such an emperor. Xue Wuji finally had another drink with me before returning to his seat. When Jing Hou was about to propose a toast to the others, Grandfather Xu came to her and whispered something in her ear. Jing Hou's pretty face immediately became alarmed. She quickly stood up and said to Yan yuanji, "Please call Xue Xiangguo and his son for me. I have something urgent to leave for a while." Without much explanation, she turned and walked in the direction of Yude Palace. Although Jing Hou did not explain, everyone guessed that it must be related to Xuanlong Emperor's illness. With this matter weighing on our minds, we can no longer raise the interest of drinking. Yan yuanji kept looking in the direction of the Yude Palace. Finally, he couldn't hold his breath any longer. He got up and said, "I'm worried about my father. Go and have a look first." On the surface,heavy duty metal racking, it seemed that it had nothing to do with me. In fact, the life and death of Emperor Xuanlong was related to my future interests in the capital of Qin. I pretended to be calm, but my heart was nervous to the extreme.

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