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Doomsday Paradise
The amount of information is a little big, Lin Sanjiu tilted his head to think, asked: "." If you just get a visa to three different worlds at random. Then why do you have to spend materials to change it? What's the difference between this and teleporting yourself? "Oh, because Xiao Yi and Ah Xian are old friends, so he told us a lot about the visa." The rabbit immediately replied, "I asked you that question, too.". In the visa system, there are two rules involved. The first one. There must be a visa officer in the world through visa. This also shows that as long as you keep getting a visa, there is always a chance to get to the twelve boundaries of the center. Once you enter the central twelve realms, the meaning is different. Think about it, such a prosperous place has a mature management system for a long time. If you want to find a visa officer, just go to the Visa Officer Association. As long as you can afford it, you can take turns to get the visa of the twelve worlds. You don't have to suffer from vagrancy and precariousness anymore! Indeed, it is enough to be able to get rid of the nightmarish doomsday and live a safe life without worrying about food and clothing. The random group of five was almost full by this time-although they already knew what the rabbit said, they still couldn't hide their hope for a stable future. Bai Xiaoke snapped his fingers and called out his face. "What about the second rule?" He asked as he cleaned up the mess. "The world where visas are sent to you is not completely irregular.." At this point, the rabbit felt that the next words seemed to be somewhat difficult to explain. He made an analogy: "For example, in the Garden of Eden,shuttle rack system, there are 100 people.". Of the 100 people, only one got the most common visa. So, where does this person go. It's the same place where at least one of the remaining 99 people went. He himself felt a little confused. "Do you understand?" The twin sister nodded quickly, as if she were the sister of the shape-she had a downward arrow on her arm drawn by the rabbit's paw-and added with a steady expression: "Of course, the eldest brother's sentence is very logical." Lin Sanjiu suddenly became dumb and helplessly rolled up his eyes and looked at the ceiling. Even though the rabbit is now dressed in a dark goth style, it does look much more powerful than before. This is too.. "That is to say,push back racking system, the destination of the ordinary visa is selected from the destinations of other people in the world.." Is that so? Xue Kui asked for proof. That's it. Rabbit demurely nodded, then suddenly a heavy beer cans, "when" to spill a lot of beer: "Do you understand now? When we were separated, we were hoping that someone would meet you again. Lin Sanjiu felt a surge in her heart, but she didn't want anyone else to see it. She lowered her head a little embarrassed, rubbed the rabbit's smooth fur, and whispered, "I know, I know.." One person and one rabbit were silent for a long time, watching the other people talking in twos and threes. After a while, Lin Sanjiu asked first: ".." So if you say so, you can only rely on luck to see Hu Changzai and Hai Tianqing again? The rabbit pulled the tab of the second can of beer with his teeth, metal racking systems ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, paused, and said, "That's not true either.". Didn't we meet a girl named Xiao Yi? Oh, by the way, she likes the sea cadres, and she doesn't know why the taste is so heavy. In a word, she is a person born in the central twelve realms, and has a foothold in several realms. She told us that as long as we went to the central twelve realms, we could go to her and leave a signal to gather. Lin Sanjiu nodded silently. Now there's one more reason to get a visa. Her eyes passed slowly over Xue Wei, Bai Xiaoke, and Hui Chuyan. For these girls who trusted her and followed her, she felt it was her duty to protect them and take care of them. But several people's time limit is different, once separated, she no longer has the intention to be powerless. But if you can settle down in the center of the twelve realms, things will be different.

It's just where on earth can I find a visa officer? She turned her head and asked, … You've been a mountain king around here for so long. You should have met a lot of people. Don't you even have a visa officer? Unexpectedly, this question brought up the rabbit's heart. It sighed: "Strange to say, apart from the very beginning, when there were more evolutionists coming and going, in the last month or two, there has been almost no trace of living people.". To be honest, if you hadn't happened to be here, we would have changed places. Hearing "change a place", Lin Sanjiu was stunned and suddenly remembered his dog Frisbee. When she met the green melon, she thought that the other party's base was the "home" of the ear guide. But when I took out the Frisbee, the little light was still on tenaciously. Where is the base of the ear guide setting? (To be continued.) PS: Thank you for the pink ticket of Life Like Jade A + (what exactly does A + mean), the peace charm of Riki, the peace charm of Jinbeibei 3065, the safety charm of Xiaoyue Zhanshui, and the sachet of the nickname concubine! I feel that I have been working for so many days in a row, and there is a dazzling holy light all over my body. Oh, yes, in fact, I don't know if the Henan dialect is called father or not. I asked my little friend in Henan. She suspected that I was going to take advantage of her and refused to say.. Am I that kind of person! Chapter 159 where the lights go out. During the few days of recuperation in the primary school building, Lin Sanjiu sometimes even had the illusion that she had been forgotten by the universe. < a href = "" target = "_ blank" > www. Qiushu. Cc for Books </a > Too quiet, too lonely. The whimpering wind swirled back and forth in the wilderness, becoming the only sound between heaven and earth. When the wind stopped, all I could see from the roof of the building was an endless dirty green. Sometimes,industrial racking systems, when I opened the door, I would see ugly insects flickering past the corner, which was frightening.

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