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Looking for some racing. Thursday nights
Just wanna put a feeler out there. 
Im looking to run something on Project Cars over the next 6 weeks. 
Or maybe even on Forza6.

So could people simply show interest with a simple reply.

Yes or no. PC or Fm6. 

Im not gonna waste time if theres only 4 or 5 people interested. 

Its just to fill a gap that I feel has been created.

Cheers guys.
Yes. Either.

I was going to run something on Forza 6 but with people getting the game at different times I held off and never came back to it because of starting the work on CANZ/TSG stuff.
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Yes. Project cars would suit me better at this stage.

How about something like a formula B series maybe?
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So thats 3 so far. Something in lines of formula B was in mind. But a little bit of contact then those cars break. Maybe run no damage or something like that. Its all loose at this stage. Main thing is to gather interest. People can voice their prefered cars etc. all will be considered
I'd be up for forza 6
I'll racing if we do PCARS and do GT3...

I reckon we should do GT3's and trial a few having to use both soft and hard in a race(honesty required) and giving out success ballast in the form of restrictor of engine.
I'm happy with either game and any type of racing. Now is the time to test things to fine tune series for 2016, so happy to be part of different settings etc.

Main thing though, is to not use up every Thursday between now and the end of the year.
I'd say every second week for this unless nothing else is organised.

I would like to do a few races in different vehicles in both pCARS and Forza 6 to get some footage for the CANZ intro (in the event we happen to do any replays). But perhaps that is some stuff better left for a social night.
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If we don't get too much more interest, I would still be keen to get Pcars going for the sake of testing the spectator mode for a race (even if that means only having 4 cars on track). I would capture it and do some live commentary and quickly put together a video to show everyone how it goes......
This Thursday sounds good to me...

Can we drive something that is rookies or gt3

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