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The Track Day Mini Games
The purpose of this thread will be to keep track of our mini games that we play during track days and other social events.

Roster last updated: 11/01/16

Nail the Apex:
In "Nail the Apex" drivers take turns attempting to thread the needle between two cars on the apex of a corner. Each time Nail the Apex is run a different corner is used to keep the challenge fresh. Cars making the "barriers" must leave approximately a car's length between each vehicle to allow a space wide enough for a car to fit through.

Reverse Challenge:
Anyone can drive a car forwards, but how do you go driving in reverse? Find out with the reverse challenge. A random car is selected (a stock vehicle so an unowned vehicle can be picked) along with a random circuit. Vehicles must be travelling in reverse at all times.

The Tumble Dryer:
Mixing things up a little bit, the tumble dryer sees drivers travelling both clockwise and counterclockwise on a circuit on alternating laps. The race starts with drivers travelling the alternate direction to the circuit for one lap, then travelling the pit lane and completing two laps, they must then enter the pit lane again, and on exit run the alternate layout for another lap. Repeating the process until the laps are reached.

Hadron Collider:
In Hadron Collider teams take turns running laps of an oval circuit to a time limit (default: 10 minutes) with best distance scoring. It is the opposing teams mission to run the opposite direction and stop the forward running team from reaching an unchasable distance. In the second round, roles are reversed, and the team which set the distance must now defend it and stop the opposition from travelling further. Best played with A or S class vehicles.

The Powerslide Park:
Two cars leave a parking space just wide enough for you to fit your car into, can you powerslide into the position?
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