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How to Level Up in League of Legends 2020
When it comes to determining what the fastest way to level up in League of Legends is, it all comes down to how fast you can earn experience points. Experience points are the value you earn from the game which determines how often you’ve completed games. By earning a certain amount of experience points, your summoner level increases and gives you rewards and access to more features in the game once you reach a certain level.
The Rundown on League of Legends – How to Level Up Fast
If you need to level up your summoner level ASAP, then look no further; here’s the gist of what you have to do.
Playing with duration and win boosts will significantly speed up your leveling experience.
Winning PvP games will give you the most XP per match. However, losses (and lower XP) are more likely to happen
Coop vs AI (beginner) games will give you more consistent XP gains over time, especially with both boosts on, and is currently the fastest way to level up.
IMPORTANT – Spamming Coop vs AI games in Twisted Treeline will no longer be possible because Riot is retiring that game mode at the end of season 9!
For those who need to know more about why these methods work, or if you’re new and you don’t know why you’d want to get your summoner levels up ASAP, read on as we take a closer look at the level system and how XP works.
How Do I Earn Experience Points?
There is only one way to earn experience points in League of Legends, that is to play the game. Of course, there are a number of game modes for you to play and oftentimes players are given experience points in the form of rewards from missions but ultimately you’ll need to finish a game to be able to get these. While playing games is the only method summoners can earn exp, there are several efficient ways to earn this.
Why Leveling Up Matters?
Your summoner level determines how much time you’ve invested in the game. For both the game company and competitive players, having a higher level gives you more credibility of your ability to play the game at an advanced level. In general, you’ll need to be at least Level 30 to access the ranked game feature which is one of the main game modes in League of Legends. In addition, leveling up gives you additional champion capsules, which give you champion shards to play during the game.
There are many reasons why leveling up can prove to be an advantage to players. Riot Games has ensured that players who have invested the most time in playing the game receive exclusive rewards through summoner level milestones like frames, loot boxes, and even premium currency like gemstones. For seasoned players, their summoner level has even become a source of pride as it shows how much they’ve dedicated to improving themselves and playing the game competitively.
How to level up fast
Win 100% of your games
Winning more games and completing missions when they are available will not only give you more experience points (XP) but will also help you level up faster. To increase your chances of winning more games and leveling up quickly, you should consider playing against bots. Playing with players that are going AFK due to internet connection issues and other problems can reduce your chances of winning and leveling up faster. You won’t get any XP if you go AFK before seven minutes. If you are not completing your matches, you will be getting fewer experience points, and it will take you more than a month or two to get to level 30.
By playing against bots, you will be avoiding those awful players that quit the game early even before the seventh minute and reduce your chances of winning the game. For better results, consider picking co-op vs. beginner bots mode and try to finish your games as soon as possible. To avoid penalties, don’t make your games too fast. Make all your games last for more than 8 minutes to get more experience points.
First win of the day
Log in every day and you’ll get a “First win of the day” mission to complete. It’s available once you hit level 15 and rewards you with 400 bonus EXP after winning a matchmade game. This makes it well worth logging in every day even if you can’t commit to a few games, as you’ll still earn a decent amount of EXP if you manage a quick victory.
It goes without saying that this little boost takes a day to reset, so make sure you're logging in everyday to maximise your rewards.
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