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Motorsports Discussion
Here we can discuss anything related about motorsports about liveries, drivers, races etc

Red bull racing has new look for 2016. I like it, looks cool

[Image: Red-Bull-2016-e1455745956120.png]
but what about Toro Rosso?
Moist as #!@%
Are we really going to have one thread for all motorsports? We can have the same as we had on RGL with F1, V8SC, and WEC specific threads (among others).
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I don't care if we have different threads I just thought it would of been better to have one
The entire point of this subforum was to have all the IRL motorsport threads in it along with general discussion (like sim hardware), so go bananas splitting it into seperate threads! I'll be making one for WEC 2016 soon as the big news is starting to roll out.
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Thought I would share this. Pathetic but entertaining fighting after a retaliation wreck. Hockey fight style haha

/edit: Just saw that this thread was somewhat closed. Sorry. Didn't realize that until now but I thought I might as well keep it here if that's alright since there's no where else to put it and there's no point of making a new thread for it.
So we've all seen Scotty M is confirmed at DJR/Penske.

Big news I'm hearing though is that Garry is looking at teaming up with DJR/Penske to run some falcons next....possibility of Pye ending up there?

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